Hidden Gems of Apple TV+

I’m calculating the best time to resub to Apple TV. In the meantime Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ first episode is up and (as I keep forgetting is the case) the first episode is free to watch, which I am now doing.

Edit: Ok, that was a tactical error. Great first episode. Apple TV re-up imminent.

Monarch is gorgeous but I'm not yet sold on the story.

I’m watching Godzilla to remind myself what happened.

Planned on binging all 3 episodes that were out. And then I was super disappointed to find out there were only 2 and it was telling me that the 3rd will be out soon. I'll admit I've never been a huge Godzilla fan so don't know any other stories or really have anything to compare it to so I'm just enjoying it for what it is.

The 2014 Godzilla is well worth watching and provides a lot of context (the trailer below might be too spoilery for you.) Godzilla: King of the Monsters isn’t supposed to be very good, although I haven’t seen it. I disliked King Kong: Skull Island the first time I saw it because it felt so unnecessary but I’ve since grown to enjoy it. Godzilla vs King Kong is, in particular, a rigorous work out for your suspension of disbelief.

King of the Monsters doesn't care if it's good or not because it's too busy being awesome.

It was a great matinee show at the nice theater, but I have no idea how well the spectacle holds up at home.

New episodes of For All Mankind are good but at this point it’s starting to get depressing comparing the recent past history of the show to real life.

Curry’s, a store in the UK, was offering ‘Up to Five Months’ Apple TV+ with certain purchases. That included Spider-Man 2, which I was resisting buying until the price dropped. As five months would be two thirds of the game’s price I went for it. I did wonder if ‘Up to’ meant I’d only get one or two months in reality but, sure enough, they gave me all five (and two months of Apple Arcade.)

I’m well pleased. I was soooo close to resubbing anyway.

Watched season 2 of Foundation and really liked it. I liked season one but two was better. Pretty much liked everything about this season. The new actors were great. The special effects looked good. Loving the story.

A little thing I like was a mother being younger than her daughter because space travel. Thought they handle the situation well. The robot situation was really good. She has a weird mother thing going on also. Han Solo was cool and Becky was good a Chewy.

Episode 3 of Slow Horses here I come.

Looks like you're a slow slow horses watcher watcher.

My wife and I finished the third season of The Morning Show, and it definitely is one of my current favorite shows. I have loved every episode of every season, and can't wait for season four to arrive, even though it is going to take a while.