Donation Drive: Update!


Hello all,

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the delays. I’ve started a new job, which has been a bit of an adjustment and I let that sideline me when there’s so much to do!

A few weeks ago, we wrapped up and were able to grab the forum data (Thanks Doogiemac!) to compile donation data, and the tier rewards have begun! I space them out by tier for mostly organization and tracking purposes, so I do apologize for the pacing and appreciate your patience.

Generally, the rewards are done highest to lowest number of donors in each category, so it’s going something like this:

$2 - Golden Forum Icon: I am manually going to each of your pages and flipping a little switch and changing a number on a spreadsheet next to your forum user numbers. It’s so good to see you all and say a little personal thank you for each one. This is such a nice exercise to process! I’d say as of writing this, I’m about half-way through the list of $2 donors. I’ll be putting up a separate, forum front page call to action for a new golden icon ideas for our 18th year! When I’m done with my list, I’ll post in the comments here. If for whatever reason yours was missed, we can sort it out at that time.

$5 - Podcast Shoutout: Will be sending out a separate message to all the folks who donated at this level about your podcast shout-out and what that entails (rules, standards, tracking, that kind of thing).

$10 - GWJ Trading Card: Will be coordinating with Glendon to start rolling these out soon. Anyone who donated $10 or more will get a card!

$25 - Personalized Stan: Much like last year, I’ll be sending out a survey with a few options to start your base Stan. You’ll have your base Stan, with and without a background, as well as a couple of holiday options. If you donated at this level, expect an email or Patreon message as soon as I finish with the $2 donor tagging process!

$50 - Amazing! The folks that donate at this level will be contacted to discuss what they’d be interested in doing as a reward.

Thanks again everyone for your amazing contributions of time, energy, and resources to keep this home of ours alive. You are the spirit of GWJ, and we are deeply grateful to have you here.

Thank you so much.

All the love,
Amoebic and the rest of the GWJ team


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