Are vacum robots any good?

Wife pregnant, and me stepping in to help... lOL is not going to nice for me.
What do you guys think of those vacum robots?

It is incredible how dusts and stuff gathers especially beneath beds and couches.

I am thinking this for now
Are they worth it?
Do they work?

What about this one

thanks in advance

They are awesome. They don't replace a real vacuum because they aren't strong enough to do a deep clean, but as far as keeping the floors nice and neat? Perfect.

I don't know anything about that model/brand, but you definitely don't need to pay iRobot prices for an entry level model. We have a Deebot and it's okay. It works well enough for a small set of rooms, but we're in a larger house now and the thicker carpet really runs down the battery. We usually find it dead somewhere in the morning after it's battery runs out.

So, really, how large is the space you want it to clean? That'd the first question. Because if it's fairly large, you'll likely need to spend a bit more to get a better run time.

Wife still have 3 months to go for her due date...
We spend most of the time in the family room, master beed room and the nursery for the kids.. that is 3 rooms... the other 2 beed rooms rarely get used to the doors are closed. The other day.. picking up kids stuff, i looked under our bed.. and I FELT SO DAMN DIRTY and filthy.. it was full og dirt, hair balls and Jesis christ.. same goes for the couch in the family room.

I just got out of a mayor surgery and I wont be able to do heavy chores for 2 months and wife wont either for now, that is why i am thinking of getting one... and I do NOT want my floors looks dirty, I got rid of the carpet idea since my teens days.. as they get so drity.. so just floors. We have 2 100% house Schnauzers and that also contributes to the dirt and mess on the floors.

Did the one I linked a good option or no?
I want it just to clean upstairs

I want an entry level and see how it goes.

1. master beedroom
2. living room
3. Nursery.

I will leave it on at night with those rooms open.. .. and while we are having breakfast, i can have it clean the master bedroom.

What about this one instead?

Part of the issue with the cheaper ones is they're dumb and don't smart map your rooms. What I mean is they run into walls and furniture with a noticeable bang. Then bang, bang, bang, as they turn and try to find a way out or around what they ran into.

So, it's not a good choice for cleaning the bedrooms while you sleep.

Fakespot and Review Meta don't give good results. The Ecovacs Deebot I have fairs a bit better. It's still a knockoff brand, so not exactly the best out there, but it was one of the cheapest when I bought it a couple years ago.

Granted, it doesn't do both vacuum and wet cleaning like the one you linked. There aren't many that do both. This newer/upgrade model from Coredy does better with Fakespot and does both mopping and vacuum.

We had a Eufy robovac, and we don't anymore, so here's some things to keep in mind. Temper these with knowing that the vac we had was definitely entry level and we got it probably four years ago, so a newer or better one might not have any of these problems.

- We had ours doing the combo living/dining/kitchen open plan space. There was an island, dining table, six dining chairs and four stools. Flooring is hardwood with two big area rugs, plus a mat or three, one of which had a weird lip on it. The vacuum had a habit of getting hung up either on the transition between surfaces, or stuck in one of the weird nooks and crannies. It would try and get itself out, but after a while it'd give up and start beeping angrily until we rescued it. Then half the time, it'd immediately go get stuck in the same spot again.
- With a toddler running around, we obviously had toys everywhere, which the vacuum didn't like.
- Because of the two above, whenever we wanted to run it, we had to make sure all kid and dog toys were picked up, and pull chairs out to minimize places it could get stuck, and then leave it that way for the entire cycle.
- It had a home base that it would go back to if the canister was full or the battery was low. So in theory, you could set it up, program it to run overnight (as long as it's not near people sleeping, because like garion said, it ain't quiet), and empty it in the morning. Problem was that it also had a button on top to start it cleaning. At floor level. If you've ever spent ten minutes with a child that's at least crawling, you know that the button's gonna get pushed all the time, especially since it lights up. So we kept it put away and pulled it out as needed, which was one additional setup step. Plus, since the thing got stuck a lot, we didn't trust it to run overnight without it waking someone up with the beeping.
- The canisters definitely aren't large, and if you have pets, it'll fill up pretty much every time you run it.

We ultimately found that because we couldn't just let it run on a schedule, we didn't use it as often as we needed to, and when we did, the extra prep and babysitting meant it still wasn't a hands off thing. Compared to a regular vacuum, it was ten minutes of prep (minimum), plus two hours of babysitting, then emptying the canister, and it still missed spots. With a regular vacuum, we'd still be doing the cleanup and moving chairs, but could do the whole thing in maybe 20-30 minutes, and know we weren't missing spots.

So we picked up a Dyson ball vacuum and ditched the robot. We still don't vacuum nearly as often as my wife would like, but vacuuming is less frustrating than babysitting the robot, and the Dyson has better suction so probably gets things cleaner. It also does stairs and crevices, which the robot doesn't do.

I'm not against robovacs at all. I have a pool robot that I love, and if the robovac was more set and forget, I'd go back in a heartbeat. It's just that the logistics of using them might not be compatible with your space or lifestyle, especially with small kids in play.

Thanks for the input. I have toddlers and dogs.. so your info was VERY valuable.
Which Dyson ball vacuum did you get?

I want to make it "simple" for me (i have a 2 month recovery time from surgery and wife with pregancy cant do much) And I hate dust and hairballs etc..

We have one of the animal ones. DC2 maybe?

Vacuum robots, you say?

We have a Neato D7. It's awesome which will run you $500 on Amazon (Not sure of any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals that may be out there). When you first get it, you run it and creates an amazingly detailed floorplan. Once that is done, you can set zones as well as go/no-go lines. For instance, I drew a line across my laundry room as there is frequently a sock on the floor that it will get stuck on. I also have reclining couches. When the couches are reclined, it will go over the metal frame and get stuck. I can go on and on about what lines I set, but you get the idea

You can set schedules on it. That's a great feature. On anything less than the D7 I don't think it has a mapping feature. Whether you need this or not is up to you. My neighbor has the D5 which they love. It has a bit smaller battery and no mapping feature. I like that I can clean just the living room and not have to do the rest of the house. We have 3 dogs, they shed quite a bit. There are times I want to go over just the living room a couple more times, especially before I use the rug cleaner on it.

Below is a summary of what Newman (we named him) cleaned. The red dot is where it is docked. There's a couch and end-table just below that on the picture. To the right of the red dot is a chair, the far right is the island in the kitchen. You can clearly see the house itself and where things are.

For this, I had it clean the foyer and office. We have a bay window with a chair in front of it (bottom right), and the right wall where it didn't clean is my desk.

As for if it's worth it? I'm 100% sold. I love it. It's super convenient and does a really good job. I'm not a fan of the round robot vacs. I feel like they can't get into the corners. This is flat on the front so it can get into the corners that others can't do as well with.


Wow.... I need to think for a sec if i want to drop a 500 bomb on a vacum.
But given circumstances and the immediate future... might as well.

This has all ben VERY helpful for me

I found an amazing deal

Bed Bath & Beyond

Sign up to be a Beyond+ member. It's $29 a year. That brings it down to $383. You also get $100 in rewards if you buy today and spend over $300 (which you are).

That's one heck of a deal!

We have a Eufy dumb/smart vac we got for around $120 on sale a year and a half ago and love it. Our house is one floor, not carpeted, with 4 bedrooms. The perfect environment for this creature to drunkenly move about in. It makes its way around covering everything by brute force and luck, runs into things that are dark colored (but that's what bumpers are for), and makes its way back to the charger most of the time. We don't run it on a schedule and it's unable to connect to a network in any way. Instead, we run it as needed by pressing the button on top. It can cover our 2000 sq ft easily on a single charge if left alone, and we use the spot function for messes along with occasionally carrying it to a room for some extra cleaning.

A bonus effect is that everybody keeps things picked up so Eufy can do its job uninterrupted.

I've dropped more than $500 on a vacuum before. Course, at the time, we had two very hairy black dogs with white carpet in the house. We had to vaccum every day. The high end Dyson worked wonders.

Currently we have two Dysons, one of which I bought when I was a bachelor for $250 or so. The thing isn't The Best, but it's lasted, has a HEPA filter and is highly fixable.

Vacuums aren't fun to spend money on, but they're an appliance that lasts, so you'll generally get your money's worth in the long-term.

That said, Shark tends to make vacuums that are as good or better than a Dyson for a fraction of the cost.

We also have a Eufy, with similar results as above. I call it the cord finder, because it will move from cord to cord trying to eat them. Our main level is a bit of an open circle, all hardwood with two large rugs in different areas. So we didn't need anything particularly smart, and it's mostly for picking up dust, dog hair, and dog food off the floor.

It was worth what we paid for it, but if we had a different layout or our kids were younger with everything on the floor, I don't think I would have gotten one.

We have a roomba... it is pretty good. Got it as a christmas gift from the inlaws a few years ago (not sure if they didn't like our cleaning?) . Anyhow, it is good for getting pet hair and general cleaning. Not powerful enough for taking on my kids. We have a nice shark model to clean up after them. Only real negative I can say about our roomba is that a year or so into its life... it started randomly starting itself in the middle of the night. Bugs me because I'm a light sleeper. Have to go turn it off sometimes in the wee hours.

Any of the robot vacs are nice though for general cleaning.

Lots of great ideas here on robotic vacuums, which one did you go with? WE ALL WANT TO KNOW!

I have a Roomba that my mom bought me for a gift a while back and it works great for just doing a general vacuum job all around the house. It's not going to do perfect detail work in every nook and cranny, but the thing is with me, I could go without vacuuming most of the house for WEEKS (outside of spots here and there) because it would very low on my priority list for things I needed/wanted to do and so the Roomba makes up for that slack on my part by at least vacuuming on some sort of basis!

And a bonus is that I got to name my vacuum! I named mine "Tatu" (which means "third" in Swahili) after a giraffe that used to be at Greenville Zoo in SC and is now at LeHigh Valley Zoo in PA. He was Autumn's third calf. I watched him a lot on the Greenville cam while he was there! Now when I run my Roomba, I think of him.

Since Tatu does most of the vacuuming, I am more inspired to get into the places where he doesn't reach than when I felt like I had this huge, vast area to clean.

We love our robot vacuum, but beware the mopping functions on these things suck and really bump up the price. Don’t bother with that feature and save some money.

WizKid wrote:

We love our robot vacuum, but beware the mopping functions on these things suck and really bump up the price. Don’t bother with that feature and save some money.

I didn't know they had a mopping function outside of getting a dedicated robot mopper.

I have been thinking of getting a robot mopper though since that's another thing I don't do as often as I really need to.

If you are a pet owner, you have to read this before getting one The helpful nature of roomba

Clumber wrote:

If you are a pet owner, you have to read this before getting one The helpful nature of roomba

Haha that Roomba sounds like one of my nieces when she was a baby!

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time..... Thanks for that.

lol... Thanks for all the input guys.
Will decide what to do in a few days

Tatu sucked up a stocking that I use to catch lint and so I had to turn him over and remove it. I rubbed his "tummy" and put him back on his "feet" and then set him back on his way again. Once he completed the job, I patted him and told him he did a really good job and got him all cleaned up for the next day. Yes, I talk to my plants and I talk to my robots.