NFL 2020: Week 11

Enix wrote:

Taysom Hill passing game is missing the open receiver and then running.

Of course he's playing the FaLOLcons so he'll probably throw for 250, run for 100 and be responsible for 5-6 TDs.

Sadly, I wasn't far off. The stat line for Tebow 2.0:

18 for 23, 233 yards, no picks, 51 rushing yards, 2 rushing TDs.

He got a lot of scheme help (lots of play action, which was absolutely the way to go against a bad bad bad ATL defense) and got lots of help from a very good D, which sacked Matty Icemelt 8 times during the game and 3 more times on the plane ride home.

On the plus side, the video "Taysom Hill's best plays in Saints starting QB debut" was only 98 seconds long.

In other QB news, Rodgers was good, Rivers was better, Mahomes was awesome and Lovely Derek Carr was really good, too. Oh, and Joe Burrow's knee, RIP.

The Jets may be the worst team, but the Bengals are just cursed.

Covid news is getting worse. It's 5 of the top 6 headlines on PFT right now.

Gronk had a slow start but has sneakily becoming a top weapon. Good to see that it was mostly injuries holding him back and not "broken body" that it looked like it could be.

Because it's a short week ... Week 12!