Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

GWJ Conference Call Episode 736

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Teardown, Xbox Series S, The Outer Wilds, Items in Games, your emails, and more!

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Amanda, Rich, and Glendon talk about a few of their favorite things: Items in Games.

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One of my favourite items in Dark Souls was the Gargoyle Tail Axe. Not only did it have great reach but you had to acquire it by severing the tail of a gargoyle mid boss fight which is something I never thought I'd be able to do so it reminded me that I was more capable in the game than I thought I was.

The Leviathan Axe from God of War is an all time favourite. It so incredibly satisfying to fight with and could be thrown with surprising accuracy when you got used to it. The manner in which it returned to your hand was sublime. I created a video in ode to it. Speaking of side characters the video also includes on of my favourite Brok moments.

Other side characters who stand out are Miles Morales in Marvel's Spider-Man. I have a feeling that there are bright things in that kid’s future. There are some lovely interactions between Miles and Pete. From The Last of Us Part 2 there is Dina (amongst others.) She comes across as being a grounded woman who is enormously supportive and loving.

00:01:21 Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
00:20:27 Teardown
00:29:03 Xbox Series S
00:34:31 The Outer Wilds
00:43:25 Items in Games
01:04:46 Your Emails

His name is THE Iron Bull. He believes the declarative article makes it sound more badass.


If you set up a go fund me, we as a community could very quickly raise enough money to buy you a 2-4 TB external SSD. That should be more than sufficient to store the games that you DL from Game Pass.

I’m guessing that you’re much too humble to do that, but I would like to encourage you to do so. After all, it would enable you to try new games and then talk about them on the podcast.

If I have to set it up myself, I will.

Oh no, that's too kind, thank you, but I can pick one up if needed

I really enjoyed this episode, thanks for making it

The discussion about Outer Wilds brought back so many wonderful memories, none of which I can describe here for fear of spoiling the game. Those who have played will know what I mean.

With respect to items in games, two immediately spring to mind. The first is the docking computer in the original Elite. Until you get it you have to manoeuvre your ship into a very narrow port on the side of a very large space station every time you travel to a system. It's extremely difficult and fiddly to say the least and one false move will result in your ship exploding into a thousand pieces.

The other item is the Benediction staff in World of Warcraft. It is was an item that only priests could use and it added a significant boost to mana and healing related stats. I remember the exceptionally long quest line that did involve taking part in dungeon raids, all of which were quite stressful on reflection. I shall never forget finally getting the thing as I felt I had finally earned my stripes as a primary healer of my guild.

Reaching way back... my favorite item ever might be the airship from the first Final Fantasy.

I had the big Nintendo Power strategy guide, so I knew it was in the game and I coveted it. On every playthrough I would break sequence to get it before taking on the Elemental of Fire. That meant tackling the notoriously difficult ice cavern while slightly underleveled, so it's not necessarily the case that I saved myself any time. I was just that excited to see the whole map open up.

Classic game items:
The Tarsus and Orion ships in Wing Commander: Privateer were so great. Each had their own cockpit graphics and flight model. They had a ton of personality and I've spent a LOT of time in those ships. The alien gun you get near the end of the game was so special too after working so long and hard to get it.

Current favorite:
Jessica Telephone's blaseball bat, the Dial-Tone.

Also the flying construction and logistics bots in Factorio! I LOVE those little guys. It's almost a different game once they come online.