Watch Dogs: Legion

GWJ Conference Call Episode 734

Watch Dogs: Legion, Solitaire Conspiracy, Half-Life Alyx, Pistol Whip, 9th Dawn III, our favorite starting zones in games, GWJ Donation Drive, GWJ Extra Life, your emails, and more!

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Amanda, Shawn, Rich, and Glendon talk about their favorite starting zones in games.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:02:35 Watch Dogs: Legion
00:29:50 Solitaire Conspiracy
00:35:43 Half-Life: Alyx (VR)
00:37:08 Pistol Whip (VR)
00:42:48 9th Dawn III
00:49:08 Favorite Starting Zones
01:02:14 GWJ Donation Drive
01:11:20 Your Emails

I love the topic so much. Seyda Neen is such a great pull, I wish I’d thought of that. Was super surprised to hear the Hinterlands because there were so many articles back in the day when DA:I came out, telling people to pleeeeeease get out of the Hinterlands. I didn’t dislike it but I remember that zone getting a lot of hate back when it was released.

My favorite starting zone is Guild Wars 2’s Caledon Forest. So each race has its own starting zone and this is the Sylvari’s. It’s a lush, extremely colorful jungle. The young Sylcari sapling emerge from the Pale tree and walk into Tyria wide eyed to the sound of a gorgeous score with a sweet harp solo, which still gives me chills (which also pains me because the composer is a PoS abuser). Entering the game in the beautiful area, rife with those little events that emerge organically and that players flock to, encouraging coop in the brilliant way ArenaNet designed... it’s... yeah, it’s something else.

Another one that came to mind is Prey’s starting level. Sooooo goooooooood. With the integrated credits and the great music, and the REDACTED. Um, yeah, spoilers. Pretty amazing.

Regarding the “blowing up the Death Star” email, does blowing up the Starforge in KotOR count?!

And finally, another weird gaming sentence that’s odd to say out loud: “I have tossed many a cheesy wheel from the top of the mountain.”

And yes, EXTRA LIFE! I’m super excited, I’m kicking things off in less than 24 hours out, Game Day is on Saturday, but donations are accepted year round, so it’s never too late, even if you’re reading this weeks from now. There’s a GWJ team that’s always open, the more the merrier, and this year more than the last, Children’s Hospitals need our help, hope to see you all soon!

And don’t forget the GWJ donation drive, still a couple of days left!!! I’m super looking forward to the trading card, I have to admit!

1) Listen to podcast
2) Re-install WOW, again
3) Pray to the gods that it sticks this time

Thanks everyone for another great episode!

mmk01569 wrote:

1) Listen to podcast
2) Re-install WOW, again
3) Pray to the gods that it sticks this time

Thanks everyone for another great episode!

Pray that it doesn't! There are much better games out there.

My most replayed iconic gaming moment is probably the opera scene in FF6. I had an emulation save right before it and would periodically rewatch it when I needed a good cry.

Less iconic, but I have also started and not finished FF Tactics a dozen times. That opening video and first fight is great.

On favourite starting zones, I always had a soft spot for Megaton in Fallout 3. You can say Vault 101 is technically a tutorial rather than starting zone, and while you don't have to go straight to Megaton when you leave 101, it is plonked right there in front of you.

Megaton gives you a nice slice of what Fallout 3 will be. You meet the locals, get tangled up in factions and tough choices and there's a bunch of skill checks to get you on the hook for putting skill points into more than just weapons. Before you leave, you can be about level 5, with a house, a good foundation for your build and incentive to go Wastelanding. And the house means you will return to it time and again. Or you can blow the whole place up. I grew so attached to Megaton's people, early quests and rusty, corrugated-iron decor, I only blew it up once out of 6 playthroughs.