Teardown: Minecraft meets Red Faction Guerrilla Heist-all

It was released in Early Access last week. I'm still early on, but it has a ton of potential. There already seems to be a lot of content. Only $20 on Steam. I haven't had this much fun breaking stuff since Red Faction Guerrilla, but it also has a hitman kind of puzzle vibe where you have to scope everything out and plan a route. I don't think there are npc around like hitman, but other restraints like timers. This might be the game I needed in 2020

I started playing this last night. It definitely gives me that little kid knocking over building blocks kind of joy.

When I first started playing and was trying to figure out how to do things in the pretty strict time limit, it seemed impossible. Then I remembered, "That's right I can just blow a hole in everything. Who needs doors."

The driving physics are pretty good for what the game is. I was able to drift the race cars around the track pretty quickly.

Rock Paper Shotgun had high praise

it's hecking fun is what it is!

I need to spend more time with it, I think I've been doing everything wrong! Clear the paths first.

Please stop. I was able to resist this one. Stop telling us how much fun you're having!