Teardown: Minecraft meets Red Faction Guerrilla Heist-all

It was released in Early Access last week. I'm still early on, but it has a ton of potential. There already seems to be a lot of content. Only $20 on Steam. I haven't had this much fun breaking stuff since Red Faction Guerrilla, but it also has a hitman kind of puzzle vibe where you have to scope everything out and plan a route. I don't think there are npc around like hitman, but other restraints like timers. This might be the game I needed in 2020

I started playing this last night. It definitely gives me that little kid knocking over building blocks kind of joy.

When I first started playing and was trying to figure out how to do things in the pretty strict time limit, it seemed impossible. Then I remembered, "That's right I can just blow a hole in everything. Who needs doors."

The driving physics are pretty good for what the game is. I was able to drift the race cars around the track pretty quickly.

Rock Paper Shotgun had high praise

it's hecking fun is what it is!

I need to spend more time with it, I think I've been doing everything wrong! Clear the paths first.

Please stop. I was able to resist this one. Stop telling us how much fun you're having!

I just finished the last mission last night, and boy was this fun. Even for EA, I didn't have any troubles putting in 45 hours. Games like Hitman never really got their claws in me, but this ended up being different somehow. There isn't that "oh crap, I messed up while planning, guess we kill everyone now" moment. Once you get used to the quick save, even accidentally triggering an alarm can be quickly undone.

I still have no clue how to 100% most of the missions at the mansion - it's just so spread out, and there's no easy way to, say, collect all the cars or all the paintings that I can see so far.

Spoilers below


I did like that last mission you unlock on the mansion, where you have to toss enough safes into the water to destroy their contents. Instead of having alarms tied to them, they have water sensors. Which would normally be great, but it's also raining. I ended up using a combination of a shipping container on the back of a flat-bed tow truck, and the freight truck with trailer, to load every safe into a covered-but-moveable area, stage them all up, and then make a break for it in one big go.

And nothing more thrilling than finishing a level with a sub-1 second timer left

So this is on sale. Is it good?

Yes. It’s very good. I haven’t played it for a few months, so I don’t know if their have been early access updates, but even last fall it was good.