[Discussion] SillyRabbit's Election Day Music-al(l)

This is a safe space where everyone is encouraged to share what songs you might be listening to or thinking of with regard to this historic moment in time. Songs of love, hope, fear and all things in between. Let's get through this together.

I'm inspired by fangblackbone's post in the other thread, and I hope he'll post it here. I hope everyone is coping well today with whatever pressures they're feeling.

Here's what I keep thinking of.

Wow, great classic! I hadn't heard that in years (decades?). The Police have some incredible gems that are both catchy and poignant. (Invisible Sun is probably my favorite but not very uplifting)

So I will play along with (everybody's just like you its true, everybody wants a good thing too; let us not forget to toast everyone who might have missed the boat; and to everybody else who waits; till the next one sails in again):

A song that still rings true 35 years after it was released.

Tell me who's the real patriots
The Archie Bunker slobs waving flags?
Or the people with the guts to work
For some real change
Rednecks and bombs don't make us strong
We loot the world, yet we can't even feed ourselves
Our real test of strength is caring
Not the war toys we sell the world

Such honesty should never be a cushioned blow lest it be instantly perverted.

That video did not age well. :lol

edit: I was referring to the Devo video with the bit about the donut.

Hope the High Road was written in response to 16.

There can't be more of them than us!

Tracy Chapman performed live on Seth Meyers last night:

Talkin bout a Revolution!

The Evens - Everybody Knows (about W, but it works well enough)

You return via machinery and public lies
You broke to break, you're breaking everything, it's no surprise
The capital it is your playground now, your center ring
You and yours can keep your scores, Washington is our city
You and yours and all your wars have run your last campaign
You're FIRED!!! from a job you never shoulda had
That hideous strength absolutely sinks
You better watch your back
Let the door hit you on the ass

Such great stuff in this thread. GWJ never disappoints!

I'm not going down on my knees begging you to adore me.
Can't you see its misery and torture for me.
When I misunderstood.
Try as hard as you can.
I tried as hard as I could to make you see, how important it is for me.
Hear is the plea from my heart to you.
Nobody knows me as well as you do.
You know how hard it is for me to shake the disease.
It takes hold of my tongue in situations like these.
Understand me. Understand me.

Still refusing to refresh the news feed.

Boz Skaggs wrote:

You ain't got to be so bad, got to be so cold
This dog eat dog existence sure is getting old
Got to have a Jones for this
Jones for that
This runnin' with the Joneses, boy, just ain't where it's at, no, no

You gonna come back around
To the sad, sad truth, the dirty lowdown

A gift from my wife: