[Discussion] Brené Brown and Other Evidence Based Psychology Authors

This thread is for the discussion of evidence based, research based popular psychology such as the work of Brené Brown and others like her.

About a year ago I listened to the audiobook of Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown. It was my first introduction to her work, even though I’d been hearing about her from friends and family for years.

Experiencing that book was a strange and wonderful trip. The concepts discussed within were concepts that I’d been thinking long and hard about for the prior ten years or so. Of course, Dr Brown is an incredibly eloquent writer and story teller, so listening to the book was like having someone read my mind and put my thoughts into words in ways which were much more accurate than my inner dialogue was capable of. It was wonderful.

I went on to read and listen to several of her other books. Interestingly, those other books were much more enlightening to me, in the sense that their concepts were not as familiar to me as Braving the Wilderness was. I’ve learned vast amounts of things about myself and others around me from Dr Brown. Her books have changed my life, continue to do so.

Are there any other Goodjers who love Dr Brown’s work?

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