Watch Dogs Legion - Hack All

I think you could do the entire game non-lethal. I still do a lot of sneaking around and using the spider drone, but both gameplay styles are there for whoever wants to use them. Like fenomas said, the only difference between using lethal and non-lethal is the shiny sparks that fly from the enemy and your own conscience. The only caveat is that you're not able to use abilities such as turning enemy drones on their allies or hijacking enemy equipment and still have a non-lethal experience.

I've put about 10 hours in, give or take. I am less impressed than I initially was, but still enjoying the NPC recruitment system. It feels like the game world could have used more time and attention; it's a bit thin for what it is, and I want to *do* more -- I want to interact like I can in GTA V, and I want more variety in the missions. But, the NPCs are better than in any similarly styled game, and that's impressive.

6/10, I suppose. Worth playing, but it won't blow your mind.

They got the swears bang on.

strangederby wrote:

They got the swears bang on.

Funniest part of my game has been when I tried the soccer ball lifting minigame, using my Irish hacker operative. Each time I made a mistake he'd say things like "ahhh I fooked that all ta fook" or "oh bucket-a-sh*te!".

Not since the Sleeping Dogs thread have I been able to celebrate being able to drive on the correct side of the road.

strangederby wrote:

Not since the Sleeping Dogs thread have I been able to celebrate being able to drive on the correct side of the road.

You need to play Forza Horizon 4.

About 7 hours in, my mini-review:

- Gorgeous representation of London, though weird in parts (e.g. no car on the street has a driver or passengers in it)
- All characters being recruitable is a nice idea but they are so cookie-cutter that it barely matters who you choose
- AI is atrocious ranging from guards not noticing many things you do to them being able to see you through walls in car chases, but not when you are being chased on foot
- Story is pretty vanilla
- Lots of side missions as is normal for a UBI open world game, and quite a few are fun
- Stealth and non-combat mechanic works well
- Probably the buggiest big budget game I have played in a long time in terms of crashes to desktop, failed saves, freezing

5/10 at best

Turns out the real DedSec was the friends we met along the way.

I'm ok with the game but not in love with it. I've never played the others, and honestly, the only reason I am playing this one is because it was free with my 3080 purchase. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all there is to do, and I'm not sure I really care.

It could be the setting of the game. I really enjoyed Horizon: Zero Dawn. I know it's not apples to apples but from the couple hours I played of that, I think it may be more my style.

That being said, Watchdogs seems HUGE! There's so much to do that I almost want something more linear.

I hated the first one, loved the second one after coming to it late after a sale.

The third is ‘fine’. The environmental detail is excellent but since it’s all on one cityscape there’s fewer breaks meaning driving is unrewarding because it doesn’t feel like true discovery.

They also returned to grim themes even beyond the fascist state yet without enough variety to make you feel like you are making changes or progressing when doing the recruitment missions.

I’m still playing but would have preferred to have bought this on sale. Ultimately I’d hoped for much more.

juv3nal wrote:

Does the game eventually force you to go in guns blazing? So far I have been sending my (normal but fully upgraded) spider drone in and taser takedown-ing everyone which seems to have just worked through 3 borough takeovers.

Some missions require a different approach, but they are few and far between. I found one mission in particular that had a never ending stream of enemies if I stuck to my non-lethal methodical robot ninja spider approach and had to instead treat it like a COD single player mission and make sure I took people out fast and pushed past the magic 'no spawn' line.

Playing this on a Series X and the autosave mechanic has lost my progress multiple times. It’s really quite annoying. At one point I had to retake two boroughs I took the other night. Now I have to redo a takeover mission at the Wheel because of it. Why they can’t give me a manual save makes no sense, I’m not playing with permadeath on.

It also doesn’t help when I try to “Quit to Main Menu” and the game locks up (never ending save icon). Has happened multiple times.

I’ve even read that fast travel autosaves, but that hasn’t been consistent for me.

In case some of you are like me and lurking this thread considering a purchase, Best Buy has an early sale on Watch Dogs Legion for $30.

New patch out: TU 2.30 Patch Notes

Ubisoft wrote:

We wanted to highlight that the Xbox Series X/S save issues are not addressed with TU2.30 but the dev team has identified the underlying cause and is working on an additional fix for this specific issue. We will keep you posted on when we this will be released.

I can hopefully play this again soon once they get the Series X save fixed.

Farewell horny deluded secret agent guy. I'll miss your witty quips, your weapon supressing spy watch and your cool car.

New patch 2.40 is out and should fix the xbox series x/s save issues: GameSpot

The tone of this game is all over the place. One minute it's crazy high Jinks, the next its a techno horror and the next its human trafficking torturer porn.


It was....ok?

The gameplay was very entertaining and I loved running around London for a change but the story and characters never really grabbed me. Overall I enjoyed 2 and dare I say 1 more.

Playing this now and it feels really off here in the beginning with mission structure and tutorials. It's like there's a clash between trying to teach you things and the systems-heavy approach to the game. Took a couple hours to acclimate, but I'm enjoying beating up on Albion whenever I see them doing dirty in the city.

But outside of that, the missions feel...scripted and empty at the same time? It's weird.

I've started over after giving the game a rest for a while, but this time with permadeath on. It ... doesn't feel much different, tbh. There's so many characters to recruit it feels almost like there's no real risk to losing a character.

However, I have ended up running away from a few fights when about to die, so I suppose it does add some amount of extra danger to it.

So far I've mostly done all the same missions from my first go over again, including the recruitment missions. I found that a bit odd since I assumed the recruitment missions would be randomized, but I'm beginning to think they're linear and the people you choose to recruit are the variable.

Regardless, I'm enjoying it more than before because I've stopped caring about how I'm doing a mission and instead going the route that first presents itself. Sometimes that's sneak and expect combat, other times it's as a spiderbot.

One thing I am avoiding is using the construction drones as they're clearly OP and let you bypass huge swaths of missions.