Motherboard issue?

So, here’s something I’ve never encountered before. I’m reasonably comfortable building and troubleshooting PCs, although I bought this one from our own GameGuru several years back. AMD machine running Windows 10, never had a bit of trouble with it. It was a beast when I bought it and still runs nearly everything great at 1080p. Super weird sequence of events today.

I have one of those corded/cordless mice, and when I unplugged it today it was unresponsive even though fully charged up. Plugged it back in, worked fine. I tried changing the USB port for the wireless receiver, and then it started working fine in wireless mode. Went into Device Manager to see if there was something wrong with the port, all looked fine. Rebooted the computer…and then the other one stopped working as well. Tried plugging in a couple other devices into those two ports, both were dead. Went into the BIOS, checked that all USB ports were enabled, rebooted, and….no internet. I use a USB wireless antenna for my internet connection. Moved that to a different port, internet back. A little more basic troubleshooting, and on the next reboot that port was dead too….along with the 3.5mm audio jack, which is really weird.

Two hours later, 3 of the 12 USB ports are working. All are enabled in the BIOS, but under Device Manager (Show Hidden Devices), the rest are greyed out. Same goes for the Speaker output. Reinstalling drivers locally—since I have no internet to look elsewhere—has no effect; the devices are listed as not connected. No internet, no sound, and I’m afraid if I unplug the KBM one more time there will be no input devices at all.

Is there any possibility that this is anything else than the motherboard crapping out? If I’m looking at putting in a new mobo, I’ll almost certainly go ahead with mostly new everything and keep the hard drives just to salvage the data. I’m leery of local computer repair shops, but I’m slammed with work right now and don’t have time to fool with this.

If anyone has any bright ideas, please share!

Ick, that really sounds like a failing USB 3 controller. Some boards have error logs you can inspect, and that might potentially tell you more.

Sounds the same to me, though it's also worth looking at the 5V coming from the power supply to see if it's outside the range of 4.75V to 5.25V. If the voltage isn't within spec, that can lead to the problems you're experiencing.

Thanks, both! Good ideas; I'll check them when I get home this evening.