Help me (pyxistyx) level up my laptop!

Hey folks, i got kind permission to post this from the site mods so - long story short i am in DIRE need of upgrading my laptop to something that is actually functional for an artist & designer. My current laptop served me well throughout returning to college but it's seven years old at this point and just can't cope with the stuff i need it to do in order to do my work.

Right now i'm spending at least double the amount of time on projects as I should just because of the technology getting in the way. Hell it takes a good half hour for this thing to power up to the point it becomes actually useful. This morning was the absolute last straw, where i spent an entire morning trying to get a small five minute job done to the point where my stress levels were through the roof.

Money is EXTREMELY tight and while i've been getting some really cool commissions from folks here and elsewhere of late and support on my patreon (Which have both been amazingly helpful!), it's really only just covering my monthly expenses so there is zero possibility of me putting anything aside to save up for new gear.

I absolutely HATE the idea of asking for handouts but at this point i can't really see any other way of getting the money i'll need to upgrade. As such i've set myself up a Gofundme project here to put towards an upgrade.

PLEASE do not feel obligated to contribute to this. I know there are many more worthy causes out there to give money to, and i know everyone is likely to be stretched thinner this year because of the hellscape that is 2020, but if you CAN spare something, it would be massively appreciated.

And hey - better equipment means i can put out more cool art and project for y'all to look at!

Anyway, thank you for your time

I got your back Pyx!! Especially if it means I’ll have more of your art to enjoy.

Yay thanks!

I admit i did think about offering a piece of art or *something* for every person who donated but in hindsight i think that would probably be utterly overwhelming to try to keep up with right now as well as trying to stay on top of the other work i'm doing! Maybe i'll get a cool idea later for something i can do as way of thanks... *thinkyface*

We will all get some art from you in due time. You have been sharing your talents with us for years. I only wish that I was uber wealthy so I could be the only patron you would ever need. I believe in you. You are a big part of why I’m proud to be a Goodjer.

Aw, thanks, that is good to know

Meebs gave me a very good idea for something i could do art-wise in return so there will be....a thing....which i will be working on inbetween other things whenever i get the chance..... *shhhh*

Can you post a link to your DnD modules and maps? I am eager to run a campaign and figure this would be one way to send money your way.

Absolutely. Song of the Mountain is in my signature and the others can be found here. There is also the just-released Heart of the House for which i did the various room maps and i get a small royalty share from copies of that sold (and you'd be helping it reach "bestseller" status, which gets more eyes on it). These don't give me a whole lot of money (a fraction of 50% of the shown price) and the money is trapped as credit there for 30 days, but every little helps!

I will also say, if everyone who has already grabbed the modules or anything could drop them a (hopefully!) favourable review or rating that would also REALLY help as well.

You can also support me on patreon or grab art prints as well, (links in my sig also) if you want to support me that way instead and get something in return. Again, i don't get a whole lot out of those money wise but it all adds up. If nothing else it helps keeps the bills paid!

Hi, pyxistyx

I like your work and value your contribution to this community, so I'm happy to be able to support you.

I hope you achieve your target, and I hope we get to see the fruits of that soon.


thank you detroit20 that means a lot!

I'm in, you probably saw yesterday. Good luck!

thank you!

You are slightly more than 1/3 of the way there. Keep the momentum going!!!!

I know, I didn't think I'd get even this far! Much love to those who have supported me with what they can!

I still feel really self conscious about sharing this around places, but I'll maybe do an update start of the week or something to try to boost it a bit.

If I can even just get to around £800-900 that would be amazing but y'all have already significantly reduced the amount of time it will take before an upgrade is possible!

Donated. We've been privileged enough to work full time since the first lockdown, meaning we actually saved a lot of money because of canceled vacations, restaurants being closed etc. So glad to give something back to a great cause.

it is most appreciated, thank you <3

Donated, and I signed up for your Patreon. Love you, love your work. Keep it up!

i just saw :O THANK YOU for your generosity on both counts! <3

The Trichy clan has your back.


£800 reached :O I'm rapidly getting to the point where this becomes entirely achievable! Again, a HUGE thanks to everyone who has donated so far.

A laptop in the power range i'll need looks to be around the £1200 mark right now, but if i can push the funding to at least £1000 then with a bit of creative bargain hunting / scrimping in other areas i might just be able to get myself something along the lines of what i need by the end of the month, which would be amazing!

I'd really like to make sure everyone gets something in return for helping me out. It might be a slow process, perhaps a project i spread across 2021, but I'd like to make sure everyone gets some unique piece of art or...something at least equivalent to the amounts donated. Still thinking about this, and i don't want to make any promises I can't keep, so no guarantees as of yet, but its definitely something I'm considering.

* * *

As a bonus incentive for GWJ specifically, if/when i hit my target (or at least enough to get a laptop) I'll guarantee i'll get off my butt and put together a proper print-quality poster map of the GWJ Collaborative Fantasy Town. !