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Terra Invicta

"Defend the Earth in this grand strategy alien invasion game for PC from the creators of Long War."

WHAT IF aliens bent on dominating humanity arrived in our Solar System, today? Would we unite and find a way to defend ourselves, both on Earth and in space? Or would our divisions be our downfall?

Terra Invicta is a grand strategy alien invasion game for PC that lets you explore these questions. You'll play as the leader of a group of humans trying to understand and address the threat – by bringing Earth's nations to your side, industrializing the Solar System, and ultimately building a space fleet able to battle the invaders.

We have brought the game to threshold of an Alpha state and are asking for your support in making it everything it can be. You can help design game content, contribute feedback on mechanics and balance, and shape all the stories you and the game can tell together.

Link to the Kickstarter

Gameplay Trailer

ASpec 1st video

ASpec 2nd video

The 7 playable factions:


I kickstarted at the pre-purchase level. As sh*t as I am at the XCOM series and these games in general, I just can't stop playing them.

Yep, I'm in too. Can't wait! Looks like a lot going on in this game, which is the kind of thing I love.


I enjoy most SRPG, I'll be watching.

Thanks everyone! Your support is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Removed links, thanks Quintin for adding them!

Quintin has our Kickstarter linked at the top of this thread. For those who don't want to use Kickstarter but are still interested in the game, we have our Steam store page open for Wishlists.

Thanks, HoodedHorse! Wishlisted on Steam.

And if you look around, we have a lot of devs and other industry professionals here, you're welcome in your personal capacity as well, Hooded.


Grenn wrote:

I kickstarted at the pre-purchase level. As sh*t as I am at the XCOM series and these games in general, I just can't stop playing them.

Same here!

HoodedHorse wrote:

Thanks everyone! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Some past materials on Terra Invicta:

I'm sure you don't mind, I've updated the original post to include these.

Thank you Quintin! You are right, they do work better at the top, I edited them out of my post so people can more easily scroll.

Robear, thanks for the invitation! This forum is one of the friendliest corners of the internet I've ever come across, I'm glad to get to know everyone here and will look forward to exploring other threads once the Kickstarter closes (and my life returns to a more normal rhythm). To quickly introduce myself, I'm Tim Bender, the producer on the Team, and I also run the publishing company, Hooded Horse. I'm mostly on the business end of things, but as a hobby I did create a mod for a DLC to Warband, Viking Conquest, called VC Balance Mod. Still, little coding knowledge, most of my background is in business and law (I was a lawyer practicing commercial litigation for a bit, and later a management consultant at McKinsey & Co).

Thanks Mind Elemental and Dejanzie! Your support is greatly appreciated! And thanks to all the support, we've just hit the $140k stretch goal for the Cold War scenario, and added our new stretch goals:

We don't usually do intros here - not necessary but not a problem - but welcome! Most people just get to know other posters through their posts, and to the degree they want to share. The User Guide is a good start.

Glad to see it's doing well!

Thanks Robear! Will do on reading the User Guide, and I appreciate your kind words.

Looks like voice acting has a good chance to make it in.

Backed. I hope it's a success.

Oooooh, this looks very compelling. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this one!

The factions give me a strong SMAC vibe (entirely by design, by the look of it) which is great. I'm especially happy to see the religious extremist maintains the American nationality and hateful mien of Sister Miriam Godwinson. I really hope it maintains the strong personality of that game (which Beyond Earth failed to do IMO).

Thanks Farscry and Dudley! A lot of work has been done to build unique backstories and personalities for the faction leaders, and that's one of the reasons we are excited about the potential of voice acting. I can still hear the voices of Morgan, Santiago, Yang, and the rest reciting the various quotes in the game, it was a big part of how their personalities were conveyed.

And proving Robear right, we've hit the $155k Voice Acting stretch goal:


We've also added a new reward tier, Creator, that includes working with us to create an event (likely including event art from our illustrator) or a research project.

I think with the results of the KS so far, your market is in place and ready to go.

Thanks Robear!

Cringer was kind enough to include us in his Twitch stream: https://t.co/KidOcvNLyv?amp=1

We've hit the 3D armies stretch goal, leaving the far-future Foothold scenario:


HoodedHorse wrote:

We've hit the 3D armies stretch goal, leaving the far-future Foothold scenario:

Congrats, HoodedHorse!

I have a somewhat nerdy question: What were the inspirations for the various start-date scenarios?
- The Cold War scenario reminds me of Xenonauts.
- The near-future scenario (2070 start, with space colonies but recognisable Earth geopolitics) reminds me of the excellent tabletop RPG setting Transhuman Space.
- The far-future scenario (2300, with mass colonisation of the solar system) sounds like The Expanse, and the date makes me think of the tabletop RPG 2300 AD.

Hi Mind Elemental! Thank you!

Sure! Let me go step by step:

It's hard to do anything pre-WWII, as technology is so wrapped up in the core game. Maybe for expansions or mods in the distant future.

WWII is tough to do, because we don't focus on naval warfare sufficiently. We have it modeled strategically, but for WWII we'd really need the ability to say move ships around, have carriers battle each other. There's concerns of feature creep, and also concerns that that level of detail would not be interesting to players, when they have spaceships to manage. But we're not sure, that might be possible expansion territory.

Cold War is the point between WWII and modern, and so becomes the oldest we would currently do. It also has some unique features, two opposed blocs, and then all the countries not aligned with either of them (including China, as we would likely start after the Sino-Soviet split). Since so much of Terra Invicta is about interacting with a model of geopolitics, the Cold War presents a very interesting world to put the player in, and the factors for decision in terms of which countries to seek influence with, how to direct their resources, will likely look very different, creating a fresh strategic experience.

Near-future isn't currently being done, though it was one of the voting options as you note. I don't have any substantial thoughts on it, it seems interesting, but probably lost the vote because people were looking for something even more different.

Far-future is sort of a natural point, as our game is limited to the Solar System, a scenario where humanity has begun that expansion (but still has room to grow into additional parts of the Solar System, and for the invaders to have some room in the outer Solar System) makes sense. It would allow an option for players who want to jump right to battles with space fleets. I'm sure there will be players whose favorite part is the tactical ship battles, so this would be a good scenario for them. Same for those who find the Solar System expansion more interesting than the geopolitics.

Thanks for the reply, HoodedHorse! Interesting to hear the team's logic.

Well we're having a dramatic finish here

EDIT: $216k, final stretch goal reached. Thanks everyone!

To get this close, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to ASpec, who released his third Terra Invicta video a few hours ago:

Congrats! I just put it together that you guys did the Long War mod for XCOM. Don't know how I missed that, considering that it's right there. That's awesome. Really looking forward to this now.

Best of luck going forward.

Congrats on the full funding I don't do the Kickstarter thing, but I can't imagine not leaping onto this once it hits a full release!

Congratulations! I'm glad you pinged us here, looking forward to this.

Thanks everyone! Your kind words are greatly appreciated, and I'm glad to have discovered this forum and become a member.

Glad to have you!

A few E3 previews have gone up, although I couldn't find much new detail - here's Joe Robinson's preview at Strategy Gamer.

HoodedHorse (if you're still in this thread!), do you have any plans to release an updated gameplay trailer or show off a play-through in the run-up to release? Would be great to see more.

Yeah, really excited for this one.