[Discussion] GWJ Antiracism Book Discussion - Book 3 So You Want to Talk About Race

Let's make Friday, October 16 our official starting point for reading this book.

Here's my suggested pacing for reading and discussion:
Week 1, October 16 - October 22: Chapter 1
Week 2, October 23 - 29: Chapter 2
Week 3, October 30 - November 5: Chapter 3
Week 4, November 6 - 13: Chapter 4
Week 5, November 14 - 20: Chapter 5

These should be considered guidelines and not rules chiseled in stone. People reading ahead of this pace should feel free to post thoughts, questions, or insights as they occur to you. Don't feel like you have to wait for the schedule to catch up to you. Post while the thoughts, inspirations, and questions are fresh in your mind and heart.

Discussion in the GWJ forums makes that work well. Others will reach that point eventually and may benefit or comment on what you've shared. If people are behind the suggested pace, they'll be able to see what's been posted previously and participate in their own time.

Let's read, think, share, grow, and learn together.