NBA 2K Catch-All

I don' think there's enough of thing here to justify making yearly threads for this series, so compiling everything into a single thread is probably fine.

I'd just like to note, I know a lot of people are BIG MAD at 2K this year (as seen by its overwhelmingly negative Steam reviews) and I do agree, at least on one level, which is that the game is a nickel-and-dime you microtransactional hell hole. The MyFranchise mode has been sinfully left untouched, and other stuff.

However, as someone who has zero interest in MyCareer or playing online, I'm pretty good with 2K21 so far, but that's also probably because I skipped a year with releases, I haven't played since 2K19.

Increasingly, I think this is the only real way to play sports games. If you're playing the annual releases, you will only get minor, incremental improvements (I fully expect 2K21 on PS5 to look fantastic, but retain most, if not all of the gameplay issues the current-gen release does) but if you can be pateint and skip a year (or two, or three) then you'll see actual, major improvements. Otherwise, you're just setting yourself up for frustration.

Anyway, I'm broadly enjoying 2K21, but again, that's as someone who is buying it purely for a casual SP experience.