NBA 2K Catch-All

I don' think there's enough of thing here to justify making yearly threads for this series, so compiling everything into a single thread is probably fine.

I'd just like to note, I know a lot of people are BIG MAD at 2K this year (as seen by its overwhelmingly negative Steam reviews) and I do agree, at least on one level, which is that the game is a nickel-and-dime you microtransactional hell hole. The MyFranchise mode has been sinfully left untouched, and other stuff.

However, as someone who has zero interest in MyCareer or playing online, I'm pretty good with 2K21 so far, but that's also probably because I skipped a year with releases, I haven't played since 2K19.

Increasingly, I think this is the only real way to play sports games. If you're playing the annual releases, you will only get minor, incremental improvements (I fully expect 2K21 on PS5 to look fantastic, but retain most, if not all of the gameplay issues the current-gen release does) but if you can be pateint and skip a year (or two, or three) then you'll see actual, major improvements. Otherwise, you're just setting yourself up for frustration.

Anyway, I'm broadly enjoying 2K21, but again, that's as someone who is buying it purely for a casual SP experience.

From other thread I asked...

Why is it on sale already for under $20? Is it worse than usual? Anybody playing yet?

Or is it just PS4/X1 versions? Yeah looks like the next gen ones are still $70+

Where is it on sale for under $20?

I got it for $30 on Switch about 3 weeks ago, I actually like it quite a bit more than 2k20. The MyPlayer story was fun, got more into the nitty gritty of the draft process, agents, ...romance

In terms of the actual gameplay, shooters feel more capable of shooting off the dribble, slashing and cutting is more effective. Defense is harder - the AI really knows how to use screens now. I find myself unable to get stops on really good teams sometimes.

Overall I’d recommend it, with the usual caveats about micro transactions. No clue about the next gen version though. I read that it is different, at least in terms of MyPlayer. I actually have the Series X version but I’m still debating selling the bundle.

$17 at Best Buy this weekend, which spawned my question

I would definitely recommend it for the price of a pizza.

I had hoped the sale was on PC as well, but looks like its still $60.00 on steam. As are the 17,18,19, and 20 versions.

absurddoctor wrote:

I had hoped the sale was on PC as well, but looks like its still $60.00 on steam. As are the 17,18,19, and 20 versions.


The next-gen versions are much different. I don't have it, i have the current gen version, on Stadia. I also really like it, and I just grind for the VC and MT, it's fine. If you follow the myteam2k twitter, or the reddit 2k, they'll alert you for all the locker codes that pop up for free card packs and gatcha ball drops. I never feel the need to spend more real money.

The Rising Cost of MyCAREER

"In NBA 2K14, 65,000 VC was enough to get to 86 Overall, and have fun doing it. In NBA 2K22, not even the 100,000 VC from the special edition is enough to hit the 85 Overall cap."

Yeah. Yuck.

2k 23 free on PS+. Guess I'll try it out

Well I played a couple hours today, mostly messing around with the My team stuff.

The basketball game itself is pretty great. So many microtransactions though sheesh.

I won't play much more but had some fun.

Does Spike alert and the ghost of your 2015 created character come in?

Season pass stuff would be ok if it was just 2k forever. But no there will be a 2k 25 and none of that stuff will carry over. It's insane.

You can't do Fortnite as an annual $70 game

Probs just gonna do my usual, buy for $30 around Thanksgiving and ignore whatever that new thing is, same as I do with COD.