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Tscott wrote:

Looking forward to (hopefully) pulling Thoma in my attempts to get Hu Tao.

In anticipation of Hu Tao, can anyone help me with this riddle? If you have Hu Tao, Zhongli and Xiangling, and you have Blackcliff Pole, Dragon's Bane and Deathmatch, who gets which weapon?

Hmmm, well the Dragon's Bane has an EM substat, so it should probably go on whichever pyro character you pair with Xingqiu or plan to Vaporize/Melt with the most.

I'd probably stick the Deathmatch on Zhongli since you likely won't be landing many killing blows on him to proc the Blackcliff passive. Blackcliff goes on whoever is left. I'm not sure if there's a big difference between Deathmatch and Blackcliff performance otherwise. Deathmatch will give stronger attack buff much of the time, but Blackcliff has higher base attack. They seem pretty close in terms of power.

Edit: It looks like Deathmatch is a Crit Rate substat and Blackcliff is Crit Dmg, so you might just use that to decide who gets what so you don't have to re-do a bunch of artifacts. Aim for 1:2 crit rate to crit dmg.

What about the Catch?

If you aren’t using it on Raiden, Xiangling gets the Catch.

Then unless Deathmatch is higher refinement, Dragonsbane goes on Hu Tao. If Xiangling isn’t using the Catch, same deal. If you are using both for the abyss, Hu Tao is more reliant on being paired with Xingqiu and getting those vapes, so she probably keeps Dragonsbane.

Then Zhongli gets whatever is left. If you still have the choice of Deathmatch and Blackcliff, use whichever makes it easier to get a good crit ratio with the artifacts you have access to. Also, if you’re just using him as a shield bot and don’t care as much about his damage, you could also consider giving him a Favonius Lance if his teams are struggling for energy.

Yeah, Raiden has The Catch.

I guess I'll take the Dragon's Bane from Xiangling and give it to Hu Tao when I get her, then look at who needs more crit rate between the other two.

My Zhongli was just a shield bot for the longest time, but I made a few tweaks to him recently so can lay out some damage at times. And due to RNG, I just got my first Favonius Lance ever a couple days ago from a random standard banner wish. I don't think it's a priority to level up at the moment, I'll see how things shake out after I build Hu Tao.

Since Homa is amazing and Elegy is great for Venti, I decided to bite on the weapon banner. I had 307 rolls saved up and planned to roll to a second pity if needed to hit one of the guaranteed banner weapons.

And well... I think I cashed in all of my gacha luck for the forseeable future. Weapon banner outcomes:

Roll 10 (forgot to screenshot the actual roll), Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds 5* catalyst

Roll 20, Staff of Homa:

Roll 50, Amos' Bow:

Roll 100, Elegy for the End:

So after 100 rolls, four 5* weapons including one of each of the banner weapons:

Also, because of the order of my rolls, I am at 2/2 Fate points towards Staff of Homa, so I could roll for a 2nd copy to give to another character. I will wait to come down from this gacha high before deciding, but needless to say, I'm pretty damn happy about my rolls

In case someone didn't see them/isn't on Discord today

Codes for Primos

Good until tomorrow morning

Well, I'll definitely be dipping into my primogem stash this banner. I'm considering both Albedo and Itto at the moment.

Also, interesting to see that they're going with double character banners. I hope that's a trend going forward. It could make the wait between reruns much shorter.