Genshin Impact Gacha-of-the-Wild All

I've been wondering if Kokomi will be able to slot into a freeze team in place of Xingqiu or how she'll do paired with Raiden Shogun for Electro-charged. I'm past caring about how she starts at a minus 100 crit rate, and now thinking how well she slot in and work with others.

For everyone who complained about Yoimiya when she came out I'm currently having a blast running with her and Raiden Shogun and having them completely destroy everything. I'm thinking the same sort of interesting pairings could be found with Kokomi.

Yeah, there's been plenty of debate on how well she will be able to apply hydro to enemies. It all blew up when people realized her jellyfish attacks 6 times over it's 12 second duration, meaning every 2 seconds, just below the icd of 2.5, meaning it could only apply hydro on every other attack. I've heard that they reduced the skills icd so it applies hydro every tick, but there will be on confirmation on that till she is released.

Personally I keep thinking of teams she would do well in, even with reduced hydro applying. The only thing that will make me hold off on her is waiting to hear what re-runs we will see in 2.3. I may just have to wait till the last few days of her banner to make the decision on Kokomi.

I'm going to wait and see if she can serve as a Mona replacement for me as I'm missing her for the Morgana team. If she can serve, I'll be down to pull.

Bilibili had a somewhat different version, even differing from the official Chinese YouTube version, starting at 1:46