GWJ Secret Stan 2020: Time to Yeet This Holiday!

Rainsmercy wrote:

In case my Stanta is wondering, no presents have appeared or the Grinch has stolen them. I will post again when they show up.

Same here, no notification of any kind either.

USPS safely delivered LouZiffer's package from the morass of FL's sorting facilities to the snowy north!


It's an odd shape. What could it possibly be?


Went at it with the pocket knife. Mr. Dragon got fancy with the camera angles.


Starting to make some progress. Have determined that the box has been flattened and folded over. This is me trying to cut it apart, either shortly before or after I nicked myself with the pocketknife while folding it. Thanks for the parting shot, 2020.


Mr. Dragon got tired of watching me struggle and took matters into his own hands.


It's another snugly wrapped package! Surely this has been enough teasing at this point, on to the final product:


This is STUNNING. Lou informs me that the wood is a piece of siding from their house that's been in the attic for 43 years. I've never read Ilona Andrews, but the quote is lovely and a friend enjoys their books so I'll have to look some up! I did spend a good amount of time just sitting there staring at it with my mouth open. I'm very excited to find a suitable hanging bracket and get it up on the wall, likely over my desk. Seriously just overjoyed at this.

I'm overcome with happiness and relief. As with anything dealing with dragons, sending that off took some bravery - especially since the packaging required improvisation. 2021 is going to be a busy year since everyone under our roof now wants something!

That is beautiful work Lou!!!

That is absolutely amazing. Wow. Just gorgeous.

Last Suprize sent some awesome gift. As promised, here are pics.

I'm so glad you liked them!

OMG. Benign. Your package showed up today. A good day for a bit of a spirit lift!

Let's see now...


Second Xmas!


Mysterious foreign confections. Always welcome!


LUDO PLUSH! 10/10 stinky boulders would recommend.


There's a theme running through this collection, let's see if you can spot it...


This is VERY cool and something i'm looking forward to running. Unfortunately I *did* also get a copy of this from someone else over xmas BUT given that it's REALLY hard to get a copy over here because it has limited print runs, i'm happy to have a spare. I'm sure i know someone who'd love a copy who can't otherwise get a hold of it so i'll hang on to them both for now, thanks!


This is the BEST though. It's a crystal, nothing more. Going to break the sh*t out of a lot of fragile things trying to do the swirly nonsense around my hand though, just so you know. (Almost slammed it into my phone already - good times!)


AND a festive murderbutt that now lives on LUDO's head.


If we were allowed to go to parks anymore, you would have totally knocked this out of it, many thanks Benign


also holy crap! those cacao and cardemon chocolates i think might just have ruined me on boring regular chocolates. so pretty and so tasty! :O

Fancy chocolates are a whooole new world.

Can I ask a question without being expelled? What exactly is a MurderButt? I feel like I missed this inside joke somehow after participating for years.

Hobear wrote:

Can I ask a question without being expelled? What exactly is a MurderButt? I feel like I missed this inside joke somehow after participating for years.

The joke started in the 2016 thread (unless I'm missing an earlier reference). Further references to this convo continue down the page.

I even 'shopped one into my gift pics from that year.

Also of note, it’s short for the full name Murderbutt McAwesome. Who also happens to be a scorpion.

Hence why I got a Murderbutt this year I didn't even understand the joke until now. lol. Thanks!

I received another gift in the mail yesterday. Sorry I didn't post it. Yesterday was weird. Just know that I love it!

Okay, if you haven't received anything, please PM me so I can make sure things are all good to go.

If there are any problems let me know. I can buy more gifts.

I'm still waiting for a thing to get to me that got delayed and delayed again, so, my Stantee can be assured that I will be shipping in the next day or two. I hate that it has taken so long!


My straggling items have arrived, and I've got everything packaged up to be shipped off tomorrow. I'm so glad to finally have everything ready to go, and I hope my Stantee enjoys the extended holiday cheer!

Another update:

The murderbutts are on their way to northern lands. Merry Late Christmas and Happy Late New Year, Stantees!

Hope my Stantee liked their gifts. They never confirmed receipt - but amazon showed delivery on Christmas eve.

Gift the third has arrived from over the ocean.

Murderbutts! Murderbutts everywhere!


There were a few extra gifts revealed under the writhing mass of murdering butts and friends.


Thanks Stanta! Obviously I survived your final gifting and when Goodjer gifting comes around next time hopefully these critters will have multiplied and will be needing a much larger box to gift on to my next Stantee victim.

Yay I'm glad everything made it. I was a bit concerned about murderbutts as packing material, but it seems to have worked out!

Just got Chronicon in Steam from SillyRabbit! Thanks SillyRabbit! I look forward to playing it! I'll let you know when I receive the rest of the goodies you sent

I believe that we've sorted most of the issues. This year was our bumpiest year, and we're going to make a few changes to avoid the same issues next year. That being said, I did want to take a moment to call out those who pitched in, offered to help, volunteered to be shuffled around, and so much more. SillyRabbit, EverythingsTentative, Dimmerswitch, Rahmen, benign1, UpToIsomorphism, Bonus_Eruptus, LouZiffer, ThatGuy42, and dejanzie made things a lot easier for me this year. Thank you all so much!

hip hip hooray!

Thanks again for navigating it all Trichy. It was a real bright spot for me in the last couple of months.

Thanks Tricky, you are my Decemberween Hero!


To Stantee 2, sorry in advance that the gift isn't very thoughtful. I was just trying to hurry and get a gift to you. Happy Holidays!

Thank you to everyone for bringing some joy and fun to a rough time for everyone the world over!

thrawn82 wrote:

Yay I'm glad everything made it. I was a bit concerned about murderbutts as packing material, but it seems to have worked out!

Thank you Thrawn82, the gifts have been awesome. We have survived the containment of the beasties and they'll be well looked after until they can be unleashed again next festive times.

Hey SillyRabbit, the box showed up today! I'll unbox it and get some photos tonight, thanks again! Hopefully the murderbutts will be thawed by then.