Defector (AKA Deadspin)

I was surprised to hear on Friday that a "new" website named Defector was now live. Normally that would not cause me or anyone too much concern but it became clear right away that this site had some of the old Deadspin writers. I investigated a little further and discovered that it was all of the writers that resigned from Deadspin late October last year including Drew Magary.

My first thought was that there was no way that didn't happen 5 years ago at least (2020 sucks) but then I was delighted to have these guys back in my life. They have adopted a subscription model that is 80/year or 8/month but for me at least I was missing Deadspin so much that I signed up instantly.

I had sort of checked out of a lot of American sports when Deadspin came along, so I didn't follow them too closely while they were active. But the G/O media thing was so infuriating that I couldn't help but root for them pretty hard even if I'd never really been a reader. Definitely worth reading the "we're back" article even if you've never heard of this site.

Deadspin was my first visit, every day for years. Glad to see them back, and screw Vichy Deadspin.

Prederick wrote:

Deadspin was my first visit, every day for years. Glad to see them back, and screw Vichy Deadspin.

Same here. I moved from Kissing Suzy Kolber to Deadspin when Drew started posting to Deadspin almost exclusively. I was there mostly for the lulz as you might expect but over time I started enjoying the long form journalism that they performed. I was truly sick of reading about sports where you could tell you were getting the sanitized version of events. Their coverage of the concussion lawsuit/settlement by former NFL players was fantastic and heartbreaking.

I am obviously a jaded fan due to knowing how moneyed interests ruin everything they touch so seeing Defector bring actual journalism back to sports journalism is a nice surprise in this assblast of a year.

Hear that, 2020? There IS some good left in the world, and we don't have to take your sh*t anymore!

Without taking this to D&D, I will say the top comment says everything about that man.

I think hating Jason Whitlock is something people are willing to cross the aisle for.

These are the stories I need in my life. Alaska really is Cold Twin Peaks.*t-is-go...