[News] Dear Fellow Human(s): pandemic experiences with our fellow humans.

No rationalization. No debate. A place to dump your personal experiences or rants about your fellow humans and their cavalier approaches to the current pandemic. A place to scream into the void that's a little less... voidy. Commiseration welcome. Refutation unnecessary. Let your Likes do the talking. Be kind. Be understanding. Wash your hands. Wear your mask.

I'll start.

A new admin sat outside my office yesterday and during a casual meeting with an office-mate shares that they've been out drinking with a family member visiting from out of state and plan to do so again this weekend.
I'm sitting there. Five feet away through an open doorway. Watching them fidget with the mask they slip on and off throughout the day. Mask are 'required' only in common areas which has been interpreted to mean 'if you see someone, quickly slip on the mask you have hanging from your neck or stuffed into your pocket.'
During conversation it also gets shared that they never get the flu shot because 'they don't get sick that much.'

f*ck me. This person is in and out of school buildings all day. Ruined my day. Still thinking about it and still poisoning my mood. Needed to scream at something that wasn't my loving family. I love you and I'm sorry. Wash your hands.

I saw a pair of Pretty People when I was out grocery shopping... the woman had clearly had a mask on but as soon as she got past the entry guard, she yanked it down under her chin. The man wasn't even pretending to wear a mask.

You could just tell, looking at that and how they bulled their way into crowded areas, that they clearly thought rules and consequences were for other people.

I can't in good conscience wish for them to catch COVID-19, but damn, that would be justice.

I was also thinking that if I were a store manager, I'd kick people like that out so hard they bounced. If for no other reason, sick and dead customers don't buy anything, and sick employees can't run registers or stock shelves.

I'm one week into my self-imposed quarantine because a construction worker on my floor at work tested positive last weekend and I shared a room with him not 10 feet away for half an hour. We both had masks on, but effing still. Every cough, every mild headache, every breath caught takes me to dark places. I'm getting tested next week.

Fingers crossed for you, Grenn.

You're probably okay after a week, Grenn. It's not certain, and stay in quarantine until you get a test, but I think you're well past the peak likelihood of catching it.

Malor wrote:

You're probably okay after a week, Grenn. It's not certain, and stay in quarantine until you get a test, but I think you're well past the peak likelihood of catching it.

The recommendation of my state health department is that if you know you've been exposed to covid, get tested as soon as you become symptomatic or one week after exposure if you haven't become symptomatic by that time. Onset of symptoms is typically 9-12 days after exposure.

One week is not enough time to say that you're "probably okay". One week is long enough after exposure that you'll likely test positive if you have it but before onset of symptoms.

I'm just past one week from my own exposure and got tested yesterday, so I've researched this exact topic very recently.

The plan is to get tested next Thursday. We are rotating schedules at work, one week on and two weeks off which lends itself to quarantining. So, I get to follow ClockworkHouse's advice through sheer dumb luck. But I'm starting to get jet lagged. Going to bed at 6 pm. Waking up at 2 am. Staying up until work at 8 am. Ugh.

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