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I'll start, because this is funny (though if I worked for Intel I'd be horrified)...

T-Mobile has a pretty insane deal going on right now (purportedly through the end of the year):

Trade in any phone for a free (~$20 taxes + $7 shipping) Samsung A32 5G.

Some notes...

- No screen cracks.
- No water damage.
- Phone must power on and function normally.
- Maximum 4 per account.
- Phones are paid through 24 bill credits, but you don't have to activate them if you don't want. If you already have other active phones keep them as backups if you want.

Their web store is currently not working so hot under the load it's experiencing. However, I was able to get 4 phones through T-Force (T-Mobile's twitter team) this morning. They're also inundated, but they're handling everyone as fast as possible and WILL always answer back. I traded in 3 Galaxy S7s and a 10 year old Pantech "smartphone".

Edit: Oh... and for 4 phones I only paid shipping once. So for $87 I got ~$1200 worth of devices.