GWJ Fantasy Football 2020: Pandemic Edition

TL;DR: Do you want GWJ Fantasy Football to happen this year? Reply here.

GWJ has done fantasy football since at least when the dynasty league started in 2012, and who knows how long since then. I've been a happy participant since 2016ish, but we made a perhaps premature decision to put the leagues on hold this year, because of the uncertainties across the country. Our dynasty league, which contains most of our serious players but not all, discussed things internally within, but never actually asked the GWJ community as a whole. The main takeaways from it were that

  • We don't want to do a money league this year, and possibly have to figure out an altered playoff situation or offer refunds. I know, FF just isn't the same without a little money to keep it fun and honest, but it personally took me a couple of weeks to realize that FF without money still beats no FF.
  • We weren't sure if we could get 12 teams based on 2019 interest.
  • There wasn't an obvious commissioner, and we were definitely cancelling the gonzo league.

I've volunteered to commission a 2020 GWJ fantasy football redraft league if

  • there's enough interest in this thread
  • there's no money
  • I don't have to futz with custom rules apart from settings up 0.5 ppr and 2 day faab waivers.
  • I mostly check sleeper and not the forums or the discord
  • we draft sometime between sept 7 and kickoff, probably at 7pm PDT

Reply here and you will get a PM with an invite to the league.