WoW: Shadowlands (9.1 is out!)

lunchbox12682 wrote:

So is 9.1 everything we always dreamed of?

Resubbed today just to take a peek. It's not blowing me away.

They are very formulaic in their design these days. It could be seen as a reskinned Nazjatar/Broken Shore/Argus/Tanaan.
Oh well, I am playing Retail for the first time in nearly ½ a year. #partoftheproblem

It sure beats doing World Quests at least.

It’s not promising that it took them this long to put out so little. We will see what the mega dungeon and new raid brings but so far it’s underwhelming. My biggest annoyance is having to redo my legendary because I couldn’t see into the future and know that Blizzard was going to add raid specific gear with sockets that would be crucial.

Flying achieved!


Gratz on Flying! No more annoying dismounts while running thru the forest.

I'm enjoying it, but I'm not blown away by it.

Dropped my sub today after reading the California court filing.

Yeah. I am not subscribed but any barely audible rumblings about coming back to WoW are long gone.
Also, I am so not surprised though I had hoped that due to Blizzard's size there would be some level of protection in numbers. That Blizzard is only 20% female at their size says everything.

I know the video game industry as a whole is wildly male dominant. Blizzard though has the resources, role diversity and specialization, and clout that it should have at least double that percentage of women employees. No wonder WoW's story has been a mess for years. (and they keep recycling classic ones with a slap of Earl Schieb)

And this on the heels of Diablo 3's new season tonight.