pizzaddict, Choose your tag!

Congrats, pizzaddict!

I saw the tag notification in this thread:
So, Blaseball references are an option, in addition to the Homer Simpson avatar.

Addicted to pizz
Doing a great job!
Participating in a cultural phenomenon
The missing a is for anchovies
It's Pizza D. Dict
We are all love pizza

Oh man, this one is fun!

Pizza rehab, a 12 step program
It never loses its magic
For help, dial 1-800-pieaddict
Authentic wood oven pizza
Unrelenting pizza lover
Best pizza in the world
Will travel for pizza
Pizza IS NOT a vegetable
Pizza makes me feel beautiful
Cheese, pepperoni, pineapple ... doesn't matter.
It's what's for dinner
Cheese really is like crack

Deepest Dish
Pie in the Sky
Room Temperature Leftovers
Stuffed Crust


And now for something completely different
I have a Neapolitan Complex
locked in a death struggle with the Noid

They call me The Hutt


Scholls (are you from Portland?)


Rose Bowl > Playoffs

No such thing as bad pizza.
Pete's a what?!

Heh, if you do any Python:

pizzad = { "favesite":"Gamers With Jobs" }


LouZiffer wrote:

Pete's a what?!

ooh, that one's really good!


In a cheese coma
... but not St. Louis style

(St. Louis style pizza is an abomination)

I also like videogames, jerks!

Hold the cheese. Extra pepperoni.
Dust. Wind. Dude.
Had wooden teeth, chased Moby Dick
No one expects the cheesy constipation.

Might as well face it


Pizzuh? Pizzyeah!

Sorry everyone, just noticed this, I wasn't purposefully ignoring you all.

So I'm just supposed to pick a suggestion from above or come up with my own and then notify someone?

Send a PM to Amoebic with your choice of tag. You can modify an existing one. Coming up with your own from scratch is allowed, but not encouraged.

And if none of the ones above speak to you, please let people know and encourage more submissions!

I like Carlbear's suggestion of "Pineapple-phobic" as it's a commonly known fact that pineapple should never be put on a pizza.

There are a lot of cool things about Hawaii, but pizza is not one of them.

It’s “pizza” addict. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Oh, that would have been a solid choice too panda.

pizzaddict wrote:

Oh, that would have been a solid choice too panda.

I’m late to the party as usual

I can’t believe I missed this thread!!!! Congrats, pizzaddict!