2020/21 Soccer Thread: Messxit?

I wanted a win, but Brighton should've won (the handball on Lallana's goal was absolute horsepiss, this rule is idiotic), so I'll take a point.

File under "it's just the flu"

Newcastle manager Steve Bruce shocked by effect of Covid on players

Steve Bruce said two Newcastle United first-team players remain seriously unwell with Covid-19 and could be out for several more weeks, if not months.

Whereas the majority of Bruce’s squad have recovered from the team’s recent coronavirus outbreak, Newcastle’s manager said “four or five” were still sidelined by the virus. “For a couple of them it’s had a damaging effect,” he added. “It won’t be a week or two [that they’re out], it will be longer than that.

“It’s not just fatigue, they’ve got other symptoms too. It washed over most of them but some are finding it a struggle. My thoughts are with the two players [worst affected] and their welfare.”

Bruce has been shocked to see such super-fit footballers floored by Covid. “It’s frightening when you think they’re young, fit and supreme athletes,” he said. “If anybody needs reminding of how serious this is, then we have witnessed it. Some of them seem all right but then the fatigue element hits them, but for two it’s beyond that. They’re still going to take weeks to get back; you wouldn’t think that this long Covid thing is possible in fit, young athletes.”

Son Heung-min won the Puskas, beating out some really great goals!

Liverpool's seventh goal was pretty good...

The Guardian's liveblogger was really leaning into Jose's "the best team lost" comment given Tottenham's draw against Palace and inject that straight into my veins.

The highlights package on NBC Sports has the announcers starting off by saying of Palace "Defensively this is their best team right now."

Does Arteta still have a house on Meseyside? Might save time to just stay there tonight.

TheWalt's comment: "Damn Liverpool putting up a touchdown".

Grindy wins still count the same.

Don't think the scoreline flatters us, but easily could have been a draw - though Ceballos should have been sent off in the first half for putting his studs into Mina with no ball in play.

Via the BBC:

Arsenal have lost EIGHT of their 14 games. Only Sheffield United have lost more.
Leeds are 4-0 down, and they have covered themselves in glory. Explain that.

Always remember. Spurs are Spurs.

Leeds are really covered in that glory now.

6-2, and it could've been far, far more.

I don't think Lee Mason is on Nuno Santo's Christmas Card list:

Wolves boos Nuno Espirito Santo tells BBC Sport: "Football is a physical game, a game of contact and referees taking the decisions and being fair but the referee is not good enough to whistle, Lee Mason is not good enough.

"The way he handles the game, it is about the major, crucial decisions, it is about how he handles the players, both teams are always arguing the decision. He must improve because the game requires good refereeing and good handling of the game so the players can perform.

"It is his job, he has to improve, he has to get better. When we saw the nomination, we did not understand it because he is a point of distraction. He worsens the flow of the game.

"Owen Otasowie did well, he is young and strong. The Burnley players had to really foul him and the talent is there. A lot of things to improve on, he handles himself well and will go better in the future

Well the decisions in the Leeds Burnley game certainlly got a lot of attention. First the pen, where they claimed Pope won the ball but just ignored the fact his studs were up and Bamford seemed to tap the ball to his left first.
Then the decision for the goalkeeper, which is always given to the goalkeepers but you know, it's Leeds so it's the worst decision in the history of football.

Also Sheffield United are setting records. Worst start in the history of the top flight I believe and only matched by 2 teams in history from the 3rd division

The Manchester City v Everton game tonight was called off 4 hours before kick off because Man City have a Covid outbreak amongst their squad.

the fixture pile this is going to cause is going to be quite funny (to anyone not playing them or supporting them I guess) and is probably going to lead to City playing at least 3 games in one week thanks to the fact they are already 1 game behind everyone else.

Given the current rate of infection in the UK at the moment thanks to the new strain of Covid-19, I wouldn't at all be surprised to see this year's league get suspended at some point - possibly even cancelled - as it's going to become too much I think. Especially if there is a major outbreak involving several teams. It just won't be sustainable.

The league can be "called" so long as 4 more games are played. We live in interesting times.

What a tremendous moron. He was already very easy to root against, but now I have several new layers to my enmity.

This Neymar situation is particularly egregious but the Bolsonaro issue probably isn't a rabbit hole you want to go down if any players you like are Brazilian. Without getting into naming names, he turned out to be way more popular among them than I'd have liked when I looked into it.

Oh yeah, basically, every good Brazilian player is a Bolsonarista. Like, all of em'. We are a long, long, long way from the days of Socrates.

I like a comment here suggesting that two of the five subs should be academy graduates.

Prederick wrote:

Oh yeah, basically, every good Brazilian player is a Bolsonarista. Like, all of em'.

The only good egg I've seen has been Juninho.

If you get a chance check out Romaine Sawyer’s own goal for West Brom against Leeds. It is the most shocking own goal I think I’ve ever seen. Total Christmas gift!

Sorbicol wrote:

If you get a chance check out Romaine Sawyer’s own goal for West Brom against Leeds. It is the most shocking own goal I think I’ve ever seen. Total Christmas gift!

Thing of beauty. 4-0 down and Big Sam brings on a defender lol

Gonna need to play another few games, because if the league gets suspended right now we're down.

That is god.damn.ridiculous. I LOVE IT!

Well I'm sure some of you are saddened by Arsenal not being a flaming trainwreck but it sure is nice. I doubt Arteta will go on a 15 year managerial run but I don't want to see him knee jerk canned.

I think the mantle of club in crisis has moved on to maybe Chelsea? Yes let's all pile onto them for a bit instead.

DC United's offer includes the expansion of Ozil's 39 Steps Coffee brand in their Audi Field stadium, his own merchandise line and plans have been drawn up to make him the 'face' of the Washington-based side.

Ozil lining up his exit to the MLS. I'd normally be more excited by this as it would mean wages freed = signings incoming but I'm sure Arsenal are just happy to pocket the difference until fans are back in serious numbers. No ill will really for Ozil. He's a talent but a pretty unique one. I'm probably more upset at whoever gave him an extra year or the wages he was on in general.

jowner wrote:

I think the mantle of club in crisis has moved on to maybe Chelsea? Yes let's all pile onto them for a bit instead.

I think that mantle is going to jump around a lot yet this season - all of the so called "big 6" are having very inconsistent seasons that I can only see continuing given the current circumstances in the UK - I still wouldn't be surprised to see the league halted once again.

That said I do think Frank Lampard is the biggest managerial liability of all the top 6 managers. He's not really up to the job.

Not sad, mostly just bemused. Like, they are absolutely good enough to win the games they've won, and they are also totally capable of going out and drawing/losing to Palace, Newcastle and Southampton, before beating ManU. I have no idea what to make of them whatsoever.

Meanwhile, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID. Theoretically, Fulham have a derby on Saturday, but we'll see.