Spiritfarer Catch All

Airdropping in because I want to play this soon. Should I get this on PS4 or Switch? Is there a performance difference? Is one more playable?

It works perfectly fine on Switch, with decent load times, so it should be at least as performant on the PS4 as well. I got it on Switch for couch/bed gaming and the occasional docked gametime. It works great in handheld mode, although some of the crafting ingredients are hard to discern on the small screen sometimes.

It crashed on me on Switch even after an update or too. Probably had a total of 10 crashes that weren't a huge problem because the autosaving is good. Performance was fine except it would hitch and slow in a couple spots where there were a bunch of things on screen.

I'd still just buy it on Switch if you want to play it on Switch and have the option for portability like I did.

My friend was playing on Switch and they literally can’t continue because of crashes.

I had a few crashes on Switch, most I lost was 30 minutes but I did hear of people who encounter game-stopping bugs. It's disappointing to hear they still haven't patched this out. I kind of assumed they did, as patches regularly came out while I was still playing the game.

I finally finished this a few minutes ago, though my opinion remains pretty much the same as what I've said earlier in this thread: this is a wonderful 15 or so hour game they inexplicably nested inside a grindy and somewhat frustrating 30-40 hour game. I disliked most of the characters in the latter half of the game, especially Bruce & Mickey and Elena. When I could finally get rid of them I was disappointed there wasn't a prompt to say "don't let the spirit door hit you on the way out!" Anyway, despite the bloat I thought this was a very worthwhile experience and I look forward to seeing g what this team does next (and I hope they edit more).

50% off on Switch and PC right now. Maybe PS4 too? I haven't checked.

Any performance issues on Switch?

Looks like there's 2 free content updates too. Are those on console as well?

Stele wrote:

Any performance issues on Switch?

Don't know how widespread it is, but my friend ran into a game breaking bug on Switch that hasn't been patched yet.

Edit: Nevermind. Time changes your memory.