Square Enix's Crystal Dynamic's Marvel's Avengers Catch all


Couldnt find a specific post for this -- There's alot fo Avengers posts on the site, not related to the game. If it exists point it out, I'll delete this and so on.

Game comes out soon, Betas Have been happening. Here's my impressions form two weeks of BETAs:

Avengers is an online cooperative Beat 'em up , with a meta structure akin to Destiny and Diablo III. People can play as any one of the available avengers (Hulk, Thor, Ironman, Ms Marvel, Black Widow, and Captain America), though no two people can play the same avenger at once. There is a story, it seems to be comic-booky, and that the DEV team has spent significant time on it. Game structure seems to alternate from main and ancillary story missions, to repeatable, grind-able short missions that are very rinse repeat.

Moment to moment game play seems fun. While initially characters seem under powered and overly similar, that falls away as you move further down the skill trees. Stuff like Iron man being able to fly, and having ranged attacks intergrated into his combos, is a nice touch and makes him distinct from charcters like black widow or hulk (who have their own distinct traits). Hulk seems the most cognitive dissonance in game play, but that seems to be a balancing problem of having superhuman monster and a regular person with stun bracelets in the same tier. Combos are also nice, advanced from a beat em up. In the moment it gave me the feeling like playing co-op diablo (though obviously mechanically it was different). Theres enough variety in enemies in the beta that you cant just mash out everything, but have to put a modicum of thought into tactics.

Visuals were nice in game play. I know there is a significant par tof the internet thats put off by the design . The characters looks like stunt doubles for the actors form the movie, since they ape the movies style but without the rights. In game its fine, and fun. There is some issue with the less spatially aware. While I was able to navigate the locations easily, my less spatially aware friends got lost, even with the icons. There needs to be some sort of stronger indication or map to keep players together. When a fight breaks out, with all the movement, you can end up fairly separated with only subjective discription to guide you. That doesn't work when a lot of stuff looks the same. I only had luck as iron man shooting lasers into the sky to indicate my location.

Level Design was a mixed bag. Largely it was cookie cutter, and even the more bespoke arenas seemed a little bland. There were signifgant palette swaps, but within the palettes the building blocks were too similar. Enemies were largely the same, thoguh the 2 or 3 "villains" in the beta were fun and distinct. The one big one was fun, and required some coordination. Gave the feeling of a more recent destiny strike boss.

So generally positive feelings toward game-play, nice fan service. IT definitely doesn't seem like a go it alone game for me. Some worrying things -- samey locations, and some lackluster grind missions (they seem so short and unengaging, they have no appeal). I think theyre meant for epople who can only play for 10 or 15 minutes, but I dont think people play console games that way.

Loot matters and has significant effect on the effective way of playing your character. Are you punchy? Shooty? Based on powers? There is also some wildly different quality effects. Problem: no visual difference to loot, just stats. Which brings us to another worry:

Cosmetics seem overly complicated, and show signs of too many passes by marketing design. They seem to be the main plan for income down the line. There is the now standard rotating "skin" store, that game me gross anthem flash backs. There also seems to be a battle pass system for EACH INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER? I didnt really interact with it, but its worrying in a game where you cant guarantee that you'll play your "main," if you try to play online with pubbies filling out.

So, right now I like the game but might wait a bit for the price to drop and a few more characters to be added. That'll make it more likely I can play the characters i want, since there'll be less to fight over.

Anyone else interested in the game or try the beta? What are your thoughts?

Love the thread title.

There's not much buzz about the game anywhere. I think folks expect it to exist and not be great or something. I dunno. Maybe I'm following the wrong zeitgeists.

That said, I'm likely giving it a go on Stadia. If this game works well there then my pc upgrade will be pushed back indefinitely.

I've been somewhat following it, but I've not seen anything that got my hopes up. I'm not a fan at all of the grouping requirement, especially if you can't have duplicate characters, and the monetization scheme sounds like a greatest hits of things I hate. I'd love to find a proper successor to Marvel Heroes, but I don't think this is it.

I’m waiting to see if the full single player experience is compelling. Based on my experience with other games, it likely won’t be - at least as a full price purchase at launch.

DF has two videos, this being the second with a quick recap of the first video that focused on PS4.

Performance-wise, the tldr is that you don't want to play this game on base consoles as the framerate is consistently below 30 and looks fairly awful at times.

Def going Stadia here since I'm on an OG PS4.

I've been kind of eyeing this as something to play cooperatively with friends. Depends on how compelling the 'Warzone' part is, and the quality of the PC port for me.

Opinions on the closed beta seemed to be mixed, so I guess I'll just play the open beta that's coming up and decide for myself.

garion333 wrote:

Performance-wise, the tldr is that you don't want to play this game on base consoles as the framerate is consistently below 30 and looks fairly awful at times.

There was a toggle hidden in the beta,that moved performance from resolution to frame rate. flipping that was vital.

Atomicvideohead wrote:
garion333 wrote:

Performance-wise, the tldr is that you don't want to play this game on base consoles as the framerate is consistently below 30 and looks fairly awful at times.

There was a toggle hidden in the beta,that moved performance from resolution to frame rate. flipping that was vital.

I believe they mention it in their written article :

Both of the enhanced machines throw up some interesting results on the CPU side owing to the presence of a 1080p performance mode, accessible at any time from the options. The frame-rate is unlocked and - especially on Xbox One X - we get to see how Marvel's Avengers performs when GPU isn't an issue but CPU definitely is. With Microsoft's machine, six teraflops of GPU are oodles of bandwidth are deployed to service a full HD pixel count, which must surely remove graphics as the bottleneck, leaving the AMD Jaguar cores exposed. The end result is that in the Eastern Seaboard stage, the frame-rate can be anything from 25fps to 60fps depending on just how stressed the CPU is. The variability is so jarring that it simply makes much more sense to stay on the default quality mode, where the Pro and X typically hum along nicely enough.

I have a pretty decent CPU(4790k i9) and it was using around 85-95% of my CPU during the beta. So I guess it's going to give me the reason I need to upgrade to one of the fancy new ryzen 9s.

I see this is a potentially better(for me) version of the Marvel Heroes diablo-like game. Bunch of beat'em up multiplayer missions and lots of cosmetics to get. I just hope they sell enough that their content output can remain consistent.

More like Hellgate: Avengers.

Which is fine since games have figured out how to do that without forcing folks to pay a monthly fee.

Oh, the match making was borked the last two weekend, so for those jumping in today. I recommend either going with a pre-built group of friends, or single player. Maybe give it one go. Maybe they fixed it. Maybe.

I am enjoying the beta a bit more than I thought I would. I cranked up the graphics to ultra and I get about 30-45 fps at 4k which is... to be expected really. Certain scenes cause stutters and dips. I'll experiment with settings later.

b12n11w00t wrote:

I see this is a potentially better(for me) version of the Marvel Heroes diablo-like game. Bunch of beat'em up multiplayer missions and lots of cosmetics to get. I just hope they sell enough that their content output can remain consistent.

Yeah, sometimes I miss Marvel Heroes. Here's hoping this game can deliver a bit of the branded superhero power fantasy that game did.

My first impression is it feels slow in a way I don't like. Looks good on my OG PS4, but only done some SP stuff so far (supposedly MP looks worse, natch).

Downloaded the beta out of curiosity even though from what I've seen looks weak. I tried to get onto it earlier & couldn't for the life of me get logged on because of the square account crap.

Logged in through my Facebook account with no joy, tried to scan the barcode that give me a link code that was invalid & tried entering my email in to join but my email address wasn't being accepted.

I just got fed up & deleted the beta. It would have been interesting to give it a go but I'm really not that bothered anyways. If it reviews well enough (7's & 8's) I'll maybe wait for it to go sub £20 on a sale.

Playing the beta on Steam and it seems to me that they were going for the Marvel Arkham and missed the mark by a wide bit. It is on rails and the controls seem clunky. Then since you're switching heroes a bunch (in SP), the controls tend to do different things for different heroes. This is all before I got to a game breaking bug. I think I'm a pass because it just seem that much fun.

Hulk and Cap were enjoyable. Iron Man felt awful the little I got to play him. Throwing Thor's hammer was fun. Captain Marvel was okay, but her swinging ability seemed incredibly limited.

Didn't feel fluid enough to me, generally slow, with everything kind of feeling like Hulk is the central figure on which the speed is based on. Probably something to do with being MP-focused, but it generally felt off to me.

With a few loot upgrades characters began to feel more powerful, so hopefully for the game's sake there is a good power curve. It being GaaS, I'm afraid there might be an endless curve wherein you never feel truly powerful but always chasing that edge.

Played the beta a bit over the weekend. Playing existing marvel characters is actually a negative for me, I'd much rather create and play Captain Clumber than play Captain America, even if mechanically the two ended up being identical. So, for now at $60 I'm sitting this one out. Maybe in a year or two if it goes on sale I'll revisit that.

Pretty sure Marvel already owns the rights to Captain Clumber™ so you're out of luck.

An addendum to my post is that I can see how folks would like this game, especially as fans of Marvel. I'm not a huge Marvel or Avengers fan and tend to prefer games of this type more like Diablo, so I'm somewhat the wrong person for the game.

I really reminds me of a much less fun (and more expensive) version of the Transformers Cybertron games.

Oh, I loved those!

Hm, maybe I should revisit them some day...

I keep writing Captain Marvel, but I mean Ms. Marvel. Oops.

Dynamic Resolution setting on PC seems quite powerful, frequently hitting the 60 fps target. I only saw some obvious bad spots with shimmering textures, but otherwise it looked impressively good.

Played the beta as well. I didn't find it fun. Once your in the HQ, there were a bunch of fetch quest. I turned it off soon after. But I struggled to get thru the action parts prior to that. Hulk can destroy anything but takes 20 hits to kill a robot npc.

Mike Fahey @ Kotaku went from disliking the game to loving the sp campaign in the full release.

Lots of story spoiler in there for the first half dozen or so hours.

Ok, now THAT game sounds pretty damn awesome. Now I'm actually interested.

I was fairly dubious about it, but the single player campaign sounds fun.

Not entirely sure how much I'll do with multiplayer, but I can see it being a fun, mindless distraction.

What I played during the beta made me appreciate how different each hero is. And Ashly Burch as Kate Bishop makes me happy.

Yeah, the characters were definitely all different, for sure. I think Cap looked the coolest while doing things. I didn't like Iron Man at all, but never got a chance to level him. And Black Widow is viable in her own game, which I never thought was possible. Makes sense the Tomb Raider folks pulled it off.

Honestly, the farther I get from the beta the warmer I am to the game. I am still very concerned that the enemies are bland and boring for large portions of time while you level up and grind away on them.

Really, I'm mostly scared the long-tail MP side of the game will hold no interest for me but it seems like the sp is better than the chunks they gave us during the beta and I'm all for that.

Loving the game. Digging the story and everything that was cut from the beta release.

Warming up to the character designs more and more, in particular Steve Rogers.

This feels like a very expensive game to produce, but $14 for a character skin still feels real bad.

ACG is a bit down on the game. (The audio section of the video is messed up as the music and sound effects are missing.)

He too praises the sp campaign, so anyone who was mostly interested in that sounds like they did a great job.

As far as mp and the AI, he doesn't recommend counting on the AI to work properly and only play mp with other folks.

Biggest downside in the video, which he brings up a number of times, is the incredibly bland level design.

And he mentions that Hulk doesn't feel very Hulk-like considering it takes as many hits from the Hulk as it does Black Widow to take things down. That was definitely apparent in the beta.

Still, in the end, he finds it an enjoyable game that doesn't quite earn its GaaS side.

If I buy in, it will definitely be after it goes on sale, especially with the prices for character battle passes. Zero interest in multiplayer.