We are all love Blaseball!

What is it?

Blaseball is an absurdist, player-driven, online baseball league. It's a web site idle game where you bet fake money on baseball-style games played by completely fictional teams and players. Each week is a single season with regular games played from Monday to Friday and playoffs on Saturday. But it is also a lot more than that. Players can use their fake gambling winnings to vote for rules-changes that can be league-wide like opening the Forbidden Book, the Peanut Plague, or allowing the bottom four teams to get 4 strikes instead of three. Other changes are team-specific like re-rolling the stats of players, or swapping players with other teams. Several pitchers have been upgraded with a "literal arm cannon." Opening the Forbidden Book opened a Hellmouth, added solar eclipses and rogue umpires that can randomly incinerate players. It is becoming a weird cross of Baseball and Welcome to Nightvale over time.

Pick one of these teams as your favorite! There are two leagues, each containing 10 teams: the Good League and the Evil League. Each league is composed of two divisions: Chaotic and Lawful.

  • Lawful Good
    • Dallas Steaks
    • Chicago Firefighters
    • Unlimited Tacos
    • Kansas City Breath Mints
    • San Francisco Lovers
  • Chaotic Good
    • Boston Flowers
    • Charleston Shoe Thieves
    • Yellowstone Magic
    • New York Millennials
    • Hawaii Fridays
  • Lawful Evil
    • Hades Tigers
    • Philly Pies
    • Baltimore Crabs
    • Mexico City Wild Wings
    • Hellmouth Sunbeams
  • Chaotic Evil
    • Canada Moist Talkers
    • Breckenridge Jazz Hands
    • Seattle Garages
    • Miami Dalé
    • Houston Spies

Note: The "Unlimited Tacos" were formerly the "Los Angeles Tacos," but got a name change after an event called the Grand Unslam (a programming glitch that got merged into existing game lore). Similarly the Hellmouth Sunbeams were previously the Moab Sunbeams until the Hellmouth opened.

The game itself provides very little specific detail about the game world besides naming some weird elements. Surrounding it has sprung up a large Discord and Twitter community of fans that have created their own backstories for teams and players in an ever-expanding wiki of Blaseball lore and social media accounts for teams and players. And the fanart! Just take a peak at #blaseball on Twitter, it is amazing. On top of that, the community is super LGBT+ friendly and regularly post links to charities with the hashtag #blaseballcares.

It is truly a cultural event.

Current Status
The Commissioner, who is doing a great job, has put the League on extended Siesta for at least one more week as league-wide repairs and innovations are implemented, and is aiming for Season 4 play to begin on Monday, August 24. I only became aware of the game during this Siesta, so I haven't even had a chance to play and watch live games, but I am still obsessed and can't wait for Blaseball to come back.

Unlimited Tacos for life!

A fan created this great FAQ for getting into Blaseball, the lore, and the community.


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