Best speaker for I phone in a room

Hi all,
I was wondering if I could ask some audiophiles for some help. I currently use a bowers and Wilkinson A7 for running music off my I phone( really don’t have space for physical media with the kids) I find it is really bad for cutting out over apple air especially as it was a premium price . We are thinking of getting a speaker for another room but does anyone have any recommendations for what to go for. My wife runs an iPad and I phone too so Bluetooth or apple or a wired connection to our devices are all good. Thank you so much for your thoughts if you have any!

I got my wife a Harmon Kardon Mini. Portable, clean sound. Bluetooth connection.

I have an Onyx Harmon Kardon 3 that works very well as well. They have newer models of this larger version of the speaker.

I bought one of these 2 years back. Depending on what you want to spend (no idea if this is available in the US, I bought this on Amazon UK) it's got really good sound quality over a bluetooth connection and it tends to follow us around the house and out into the garden depending on what we are doing. It's not got audiophile quality obviously, but for general use at that price it's pretty damn good. Works fine with an iPhone 11 (and my 6s before that)

I end up using the Klipsch Groove all the time for in the kitchen and outside. It's built like a tank and the Bluetooth works quite well. Klipsch has some nicer Bluetooth units as well. I love their speakers.

Another vote for Harmon Kardon. I bought this one that docks with my old iPod about 12 years ago and it’s still going strong. Loud volume, good bass, runs on plug or D cells. Multiple additional inputs.

Only downside is it’s from time before Bluetooth became popular, but I’m going to get a Logitech receiver for it soon.

I went down the bluetooth speaker research rabbithole last year cos my wife wanted a kick-ass one for the kitchen.

I ended up getting this Marshal Woburn fella, and it's great. Hefty as all get out, if you're looking for something to carry around, this ain't it, but if you're looking for one to stay in the same place, it's the tits.


Thanks all, Im going to price all of these up tonight and make a choice. I really appreciate the help as this is a crowded market!

Just to say we ended up with a Cambridge Audio YoYo (s) as there was a really good deal on it. After the first evening use in the living room it has a really good sound quality for its size and we are really happy with it. I think i am going to move it to the kitchen and save up for the Marshall one though Jonman as something larger. Thanks again!