Spelunky 2

DanB wrote:

Quillback has 10 hit points for what it's worth

Hah! Figures that Spelunky would be the game to eschew long standing convention (bosses have 3 hit points!) and add enough extra so you're not sure whether the 8 rocks you've just thrown at the dude actually did anything or not.

I'll spoiler this in case you don't actually want any tips but this is how I do Quillback:


I get him to roll by throwing something at him from the platform at the bottom of the middle two ladders. He will roll toward whichever side of his body you hit. So, hit him on the left side if you want to go Jungle and the right side if you want Volcana.

As soon as he rolls past you, drop down and do a running bomb throw after him. The bomb should end up right where his is and kill him. Make sure you don't keep running because you don't want to ago him again or he could roll away from the bomb before it blows up. Don't do this is you have paste, just follow him, stick him with a bomb and retreat to the ladders until he blows up.

If you don't have any bombs but you have spike shoes, wait for him to come back to the middle area and bounce on top of him three times. Sometimes he will roll away while you're doing this, you just need to wait for him to come back again.

If you don't have bombs or spike shoes, you just need to throw 10 things at him (rocks, skulls, pots, cavemen). Sometimes he will take damage when he rolls through a skull wall which helps you out. But, realistically, if I got to this point without anymore bombs or spike shoes I probably would have reset.

If you have a shotgun, you can shot him once to get him rolling then aim for just under the ceiling for a second shot. Hopefully, that second shot will only clip his head and kill him. If one of the pellets hits the bomb bag, it will blow up and destroy itself and the cooked turkey.

You can also just get him to clear out the path you want, wait for him to come back toward the middle, jump down and book it for the exit ladder without killing him. But, then you're giving up three bombs and one health.

With regards the Quillback fight


As best I can tell if Quillback hits something solid (the outside edge of the level for instance) he also takes a point of damage, so you mostly don't have to deal all 10 points of damage.

I almost always just throw 10 objects at him, have never bothered learning the bomb throw (bombs are precious!). It is worth bringing a torch, you can relight it in quillbacks area and it's base damage is 2 but because of the way it bounces when thrown from the ladder it often does 4 points of damage. Sometimes you only need 2 torch throws to kill him. The only drawback with a burning torch is about 20% of the time it'll destroy his bag of bombs

I've largely given up buying the shotgun, if you're going for the secres endings you have to give it up too often, to carry other items through the levels, so it's not worth the cash. So I very rarely have a shotgun for the Quillback fight.

If Quillback opened the "wrong" path for you then go to the bottom of the level (where the exits are) and it only takes 1 bomb to open the other exit. In Quillback's arena it takes at least 2 bombs to open the other path

In other news I'm finally started to be able to get to:


Sunken City

In a way that feels repeatable and I got to



on my 2nd visit, so I feel ending 2 is finally within my grasp.

Three handy tips:

If get a powered backpack (jetpack, hoverpack etc...) in the first world then don't go to Volcana. The backpacks will explode on contact with flame so the Jungle is a safer path. And volcana is guaranteed to give you a jet-pack-equivalent item.

If you look careful the skulls that reanimate are different to the skulls that do not

If you have 4 bombs you can always "safely" get the ankh

I think this has finally got its hooks in me, I'm starting to see the game a little different and I'm playing a little bit most days!

I'm getting to the second area with a lot more consistency. Sometimes it's the jungle, which I can traverse a few more floors into, othertimes it's a lava mine that completely destroys my run.

It's fun. So much fun.

Currently trying to learn all the ins and outs of the first world while practicing stealing from the shopkeeper. I'm good with most things, but those damn skeletons always pop up and get me!

I actually find that I rarely steal. In HD, I always stole from shops. I basically didn't even think of money as a resource. In 2, money is easier to come by because of the ghost pots. I usually reset if I can't easily get the ghost pot on 1-1 so I almost alway have around $15k going into 1-2. With that start I need just a couple gold piles/gems to afford a jetpack. For the most part, money doesn't seem like an issue for any shops past 1-2

The only times I'll steal is if it's a shop with multiple bomb boxes plus another item or jetpack and bomb box. In those cases, I never kill the shopkeeper anymore so that I can be forgiven by 1-4. Just stand over the shopkeeper, throw a rope and run out of the shop. If there's a jetpack, pick it up first, walk back over the shopkeeper, throw rope, run. The jetpack will instantly equip once you leave the shop.

This game is amazing because of its storyline and secrets.