Spelunky 2

PS4 exclusive for now, due out on Sept 15th.

Looks SO good. I never got good at the first. Only made it three biomes in.

I played quite a bit of Spelunky even though I was mediocre at it. It wasn't long-term, mind you, and I'd never have bothered if it weren't for the PS Plus inclusion. Yet this sequel still intrigues. The bite sized uniqueness to each run was incredible. I cannot help but wonder on this evolution.

I enjoyed the original Spelunky, but I played it before I got super into the rouguelike genre...so now I’m super excited for the sequel

Steam version is coming on September 29th, FWIW.

IGN gives it a 10/10. I can't wait for the Steam release!

Checked if Spelunky 2 was up on the PS Store & it is, loved the first so this was an easy purchase. Downloaded & ready to see how far I can go before a trap impales me against a wall

Watching folks play and...... I'll wait until yall figure out some secrets and tips. I'm not a particularly good Spelunky player, the way the game functions doesn't entirely jive with how I like to play (ie. seat of my pants, lots of death), so waiting for yall to do some of the grunt work helps me.

I am enjoying watching folks play. There's a TON of new stuff.

I do not like the redesign of the spiders. They used to look cartoon-y enough that I didn't have a problem with them unless I got one of the floors that's full of giant spiders. I'm definitely going to need to get a mod for the new one.

Very excited for this. The new liquid physics look really neat. I am going to have to wait for the PC version, though.

Damn I'm rusty at this. Died in every which way possible on the first level & all its random incarnations. The game feels as good as ever to play, very similar to the first game but there's new enemies. One is like a hedgehog type rodent that burrows through the dirt at speed then jumps out at you, its caught me off guard a load of times. There is another that's very similar to the Baldur enemies in Hollow Knight, they turn into a ball & fling themselves towards you.

Oh yeah fun fact about my very first attempt at the starting level of Spelunky 2. It lasted all of 6 seconds. I flung a bomb that rebounded off a wall, as I dropped down an arrow trap triggered stunned me in place & the bomb ironically nestled right beside me, boom.

Just posted a Yama kill on OG Spelunky so I am ready for this!

Started this last night. I read a review somewhere that said it’s like playing the first one again but for the first time. I think that nails it, this is still spelunky but with enough added to make it feel totally fresh. It’s brilliant! I tried the online coop last night and it worked super smoothly for those interested. I was never great at spelunky and that will probably hold true here but it’s one of those games where it doesn’t matter.

This delay is excruciating. I wish they had just released at the same time and patched in multiplayer later.

Yeah I hate that I am having to wait for this to come out on PC. Though it has got me back to playing the original some.

I could not wait for the Steam release, so I picked up a used PS4 Slim and sunk about 8 hours into it last night. Yeah, this is phenomenal. Totally agree it feels like playing Spelunky again for the first time.

Derek and Blitworks' design document seems to be to deliver the Spelunky experience, raise the difficulty floor, and fill the game full of interesting new mechanics and interactions. And it all feels just right. The primary challenge early on is relearning the muscle memory for item and movement modifications, which by and large have all been improved. For instance, running by default felt super weird at first, but after an hour I can't imagine going back.

I'm on the precipice of beating the final boss, just need a helpful seed to push me over the edge!

mr_n00b wrote:

raise the difficulty floor


mr_n00b wrote:

I'm on the precipice of beating the final boss, just need a helpful seed to push me over the edge!


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mr_n00b wrote:

I'm on the precipice of beating the final boss, just need a helpful seed to push me over the edge!



I am actively bad at this game. Still enjoying it but It's a real difficulty jump from Spelunky 1

I haven't picked this up, but I've been watching some very interesting Twitch streams, and man, the number of secrets in this game is something else. It's been a blast watching these things get discovered before the PC release, which will be data mined.

mr_n00b wrote:
DanB wrote:
mr_n00b wrote:

I'm on the precipice of beating the final boss, just need a helpful seed to push me over the edge!




Darn, the photobucket watermark is intruding on the GIFs I made years ago. Oh well.

There's still no buy button on Steam. Dammit Derek just let me pay for your game.

Slowly improving I have unlocked the first shortcut and I’m getting back into the groove. Hope the P.C brethren can join us soon.

I decided not to play Spelunky HD in the past couple weeks to derust because I heard that the movement felt different anyway. This was a mistake. There's a lot of rust.

Well I've played all day and unlocked the first couple of shortcuts and...

I dunno, I'm not really feeling it right now. I probably shouldn't have played as much Spelunky HD in the prior weeks. Definitely dying a lot due to the movement (and whip) tweaks. But more broadly, the higher mob and trap density feels a bit off. Spelunky HD was pretty hard but this feels like I'm at the mercy of the RNG a bit too much. Feels a lot like the game has been targeted at people who are already great at spelunky.

Edit: And I'm definitely not as into the less cute art style

As someone who played only a tiny little bit of Spelunky, years ago, I feel very comfortable in stating that I suck horribly at Spelunky 2. But I'll keep trying.

I'm having a ton of fun with 2 so far, and I agree it's more difficult.
I've spent the past few days de-rusting on HD, and welcomed the practice. Some of the movement is a little different, but the general feel is dead on.
I also think the game is gorgeous running on a nice monitor at a higher frame rate. I'm having a blast, and spend less than $20.

Hey, I just made it to 1-3 for the first time, and then right into 1-4 where I died immediately!

The turkeys are fantastic!

For some reason, the cavemen picking stuff up and walking around with it is the most adorable thing ever. They also talk to each other. Sometimes while holding things.

Game of the year.

I regret not playing as much Spelunky as I should have. It's totally my sort of thing, but I just kept putting it aside for other games.

Impulse bought Spelunky 2 and it's soooo good. So snappy. It feels wonderful and I'm loving getting my butt kicked! I made it to the jungle area after about 30 minutes but I think a lot of that was luck!

You really can just trip and rube-goldberg yourself to death, huh?