Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Fall-All


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout by Mediatonic released today!

From Steam:

Fall Guys is a massively multiplayer party game with up to 60 players online in a free-for-all struggle through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains!

I just bought it. Let the falling commence.

This looks like alot of fun hopefully they get the server issues sorted out.

Game is "free" on PS+ so I expect that's having a bit of an impact on the servers.

Had a great time falling off a see-saw with Amoebic. This is going to be a very good game for a large, bawdy group of GWJ'ers.

I picked up the Steam version - had a weird bug where my character would try to grab everything. But after I remapped the grab button and restarted, it went away. Had a lot fun by myself, looking forward to playing it with a group.

This game, is ridiculous. I am in love.

I like the game.. but you have to be in the "lets just have crazy fun" mindset.. not the "lets try to win" mindset. If you are in the latter, you will get very frustrated very quickly.

Just as I was planning to get back to the game last night a tree fell on the internet and will apparently be there until Friday.

Thanks, Isaias.

I have to shamelessly plug this as one of my besties worked on it

Played some Fall guys last night with Spikeout. It's at it's best when played with someone else so you can laugh with them and commiserate when the seesaw gods look on your small, jelly bean form with disdain. It'd be nice to have an easier way to find people in your party, even if it went to them by default when in spectator mode. I'm guessing they don't want to make it too easy for team mates to group up mid activity.

I think I can speak for us both when saying that this is a very accurate list of pros and cons at the end of Push Square's review.


I like Team Tail Tag. Or I did before my internet went down for two days.

I just find the catching of the tail to be very inconsistent. I've been on top of people and not got it and Spikeout had his pinched seemingly from a distance. If I understood why you just don't get the tail sometimes when seemingly more than in range it'd probably help. It may be a case of playing it enough to understand the games excentricities.

The game does generate some great trophy screenshots:



THIS GAME IS THE BEST! So relaxing. Just played a couple rounds tonight. Got to the final round once. Some of those courses are hard!

Concave wrote:

I have to shamelessly plug this as one of my besties worked on it :)

Tell them the game is rad as hell, I'll be talking about it in the next show <3

I played a bunch today. Still haven't won the whole thing, but I usually come fairly close. It's such fun!

I finally got some time in with this today. Servers were down on my first 3 attempts. It's a chaotic blast. I love how short the matches are, and the goofy soundtrack fits everything happening on screen so perfectly.

I'm really glad they gave this away as a PS+ freebie, but it's totally worth the $20 asking price.

Playing a little more right now. So good.

Today was a good day.



Oh nice, Caty McCarthy wrote a full review of this: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/fal...

Had a couple of goes on psn last night and had great fun. Zero voice chat and genuine silliness removes why I have avoided online multiplayer games since I was into overwatch. Now just to learn how to catch one of those damn tails!

I think this game is a metaphor for how unfair life is. Roll that up and smoke it.

I finally won! I win at life!

Midfield seems to be the most important and often neglected position in the soccer mini game. You can be there for falling balls after goals and also push any ball in the direction that shows up midfield. I was able to win on the team with fewer players doing that.

On the tip-toe game, watch for 2 by 2 squares. Stage yourself in the middle while others find the rest of the path.

Don't try and goaltend in the soccer mini game. It's worthless. I just had like half a team try and do that, and we were smoked.

Second win!!! Ah, the sweet taste of slightly random chance victory.

I just discovered this tonight and it’s quite fun.

I played for an hour tonight and it was pretty fun. I think I'll get tired of it fairly fast, but for $20 that's fine with me.

Djinn wrote:

I played for an hour tonight and it was pretty fun. I think I'll get tired of it fairly fast, but for $20 that's fine with me.

I think the leveling and items will be enough for me to keep playing to max level each season. If they add lots of new games each season, it'll be refreshing. I'm gonna save a reserve of stars for some sort of potential buffalo suit should that sort of thing show up.

Watch this video posted on Kotaku to be aware of a very troll-potential spot at the end of the slime run (?). Can't remember the course name. You can get pretty good and reliable at that course with practice. I've come in at 1 before. It is pretty difficult at first, though. I can't imagine getting trolled at the end.