August 3 - 9


IMAGE(   Felix “Aloy, Aloy, Aloy, What’s All This Then?” Threepaper
Welcome folks, and happy “191st Anniversary of the debut of Guillaume Tell (William Tell)” week! Most people know its overture as the Lone Ranger theme, one of the most widely-recognised pieces of music of all time, one that instantly evokes the feeling of riding a horse. I bet you’re bouncing your core right now, just thinking about it. If you ever want to know how to dance to it, it is featured in Just Dance 16 and 17.

It’s another week of no new tentpole AAA titles, but lots of variety in the smaller offerings.

Cult, edutainment parody game, Frog Fractions, gets a re-release this week, if you want to see what the game bloggers were giggling about in 2013.

Drink More Glurp is an alien olympics with deliberately hard controls: each joystick controls a limb. Note that the PC version requires a controller.

Fast & Furious Crossroads was supposed to come out alongside F9 releasing in theatres, but everything got delayed and now this is coming first, with the movie due in April 2021. It’s by Project CARS devs, Slightly Mad Studios. I watched the gameplay trailer, and it kinda looks like all the money went into paying the movie cast to do voicework. The lack of previews or any kind of buzz makes me think this is being shoved out the door to cut some losses. Beware.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is published by Devolver Digital. It’s an obstacle course battle royale—think of shows like Ninja Warrior or Wipeout, but with 60 people doing the course at the same time. The taglines are “Stumble towards Greatness” and “Fail in Style,” so it’s more about embracing the chaos than mastering the mechanics. There are co-op modes too, if the griefing gets too much. It will be free on PlayStation Plus.

The Switch is getting a bunch of bite-sized games that would look at home on an iPad, including the touch-screen-controlled Crowdy Farm Rush and arcade mech fighter Titan Glory.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition hits PC this week and makes me remember what a good game this is. That’s the weird thing with open-world games: we like to say that we’re sick of them and it’s a tired formula, but when one hits, it hits you right in the GOTYs. I can objectively recognise all of Ghost of Tsushima’s shortcomings, but I am luxuriating in it anyway, like I did with HZD. HZD has probably my favourite bow in games. It also has that sweet, stealth-action loop, where you start out sneaking around, scoping out targets, planning your approach with traps and whatnot. Then it all turns to crap, and you get out of it using your impressive arsenal. The mechanical beasties make for interesting enemies, especially in different combinations. I ranked it my #5 favourite game of 2017, in a year when 3 of the games above it made my GOTD list. I’ll give it a GOTW because nothing new stands out for me this week, and it was overshadowed on its initial release back in 2017, as it came out in the same week as the Switch.

Here's the list, now in release-date AND alphabetical order!


  • 08-03

  • 7 Roses - A Darkness Rises
  • Apple Hopper
  • Automaton
  • BlackJack Math
  • Brain Test
  • Chain of Rome
  • Child of Abyss
  • Clash Memory Game
  • Corridors of their memories
  • Cursed Gem
  • Death Angle Trial
  • Doomtrooper
  • Dragon Blaze
  • EPIDEMIC (Celeritas Games)
  • Fantasy Gladiators
  • Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition
  • Havoc Runner
  • Her Lie I Tried To Believe - Extended Edition
  • Hitsuji Kyouju
  • Ice Star
  • Kabukicho Story
  • Monster Killer
  • Motor Mash
  • Naturalist Stories
  • Obreno: Chapter One
  • Servants of Harvest Wish
  • Shape Arena
  • Space Battle
  • Star Puzzle
  • The Maze Escaper
  • The Scam
  • Time Gap Puppies
  • Try to Survive!
  • Wick
  • Zero Wrath Vendetta
  • 08-04

  • Assembly Planter
  • BlueBete
  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
  • Flappy Bee
  • Hellbound
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: Master Artists of Old
  • MotoRun
  • OUBEY VR - Samurai
  • Relicta
  • Skully
  • Sweet and Cute
  • The Battle of Polytopia
  • The Citadel
  • The Line (K148 Game Studio)
  • Verdant Village
  • VR Time Travelling in Medieval Towns and Islands: Magellan's Life in ancient Europe, the Great Exploration Age, and A.D.1500 Time Machine
  • 08-05

  • 1001 Jigsaw: Earth Chronicles 2
  • Approaching Infinity
  • Beach Volleyball Competition 2020
  • Beijing Drifters
  • Canvas Hockey
  • China Simulator
  • New Era
  • Planet Zeta
  • PlayZ
  • Robin Hood: Winds of Freedom
  • Sword Rogue
  • Tesla Force: United Scientists Army
  • The Neon Mate
  • VR King of Battle Cards
  • 08-06

  • Aery - Broken Memories
  • Anime Feet
  • Christmas Patchwork Frozen
  • CHV: VR Trunk Escape
  • Clan N
  • Club Soccer Director 2021
  • Cruel Bands Career
  • Drink More Glurp
  • Fox Simulator
  • Hide and Shoot
  • Mahjong Nagomi
  • Making it Home
  • Pandora
  • Pixel Ninja
  • Room No. 9
  • Santa's Toy Factory Nonograms
  • The Nightmare
  • There is no game : Wrong dimension
  • Whizz Ball
  • 08-07

  • Cover Your Eyes
  • Dragon and Weed: Origins - Prologue
  • Fast & Furious Crossroads
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Rap simulator
  • RB: Axolotl
  • Swimsanity!
  • The Henry Stickmin Collection

PlayStation 4

  • 08-04

  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
  • pixelBOT EXTREME!
  • Relicta
  • Skully
  • 08-05

  • The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare
  • 08-07

  • Fast & Furious Crossroads
  • Railway Empire: Complete Collection

Xbox One

  • 08-04

  • Relicta
  • Skully
  • Wizards: Wand of Epicosity
  • 08-05

  • Mystery Mine
  • Steam Tactics
  • 08-06

  • Clan N
  • UnderMine
  • 08-07

  • Fast & Furious Crossroads
  • HardCube
  • Swimsanity!


  • 08-04

  • Skully
  • 08-05

  • Mystery Mine
  • Steam Tactics
  • 08-06

  • 112th Seed
  • Aery - Broken Memories
  • Alphadia Genesis
  • Clan N
  • Crowdy Farm Rush
  • Cruel Bands Career
  • Drink More Glurp
  • Frontline Zed
  • Instant Sports: Summer Games
  • KukkoroDays
  • Memory Lane
  • Swimsanity!
  • Titan Glory
  • Ultra Foodmess
  • 08-07

  • City Bus Driving Simulator
  • RogueCube
  • Wordify


Wow, that F&F game looks pretty bad. Fun set pieces with poor line reading might actually make for a fun time, by accident.

Edit: Oh, nice, Fall Guys is gonna be a ps+ freebie at launch. That's cool!

Welp, I just noticed that I used the same nickname for when HZD DLC came out in 2018. Inadvertent Lame Gag Recycling FTW!

Aha! Your run is over! Time to quit, Threepaper!

Nooo! I have so many, new, lame gags to give!