mortalgroove, choose your tag!

My suggestion is: weenie

Horrified by Idiots


Engine rut


do the Shuffle Loose!
burn the disco!
And now for something completely different

Danse macabre (or dance of death, prefer it in French)
Graveyard shuffle


Stayin' Alive!

My name is a death song
Or just 'a death song'

For a limited time only.

Oh my, I am so excited!
I finally made it!

mortalgroove wrote:

I finally made it!

Well, this here is now my suggestion for a tag!

Now, I am I allowed to change my tag, or do I keep it forever, like luggage?

mortalgroove wrote:

Now, I am I allowed to change my tag, or do I keep it forever, like luggage?

There have been cases of goodjers changing their tags, for very personal reasons, but in general : no takesies backsies.

TY dejanzie, I will have to give this considerable consideration.

Stuck In The Best Rut


There's no hard rule on how you choose a tag, but there's a custom of taking what someone suggests in your tagging thread. I did that, but modified it slightly, and now I feel a little bad about it.

Once you pick something, you should probably PM Amoebic with your choice, so they catch the message.

Undead can dance
Had wooden teeth, chased Moby Dick

Your avatar looks like:

Mixolyde wrote:

Your avatar looks like:

It's the logo (? it was on an album cover and some merch) of the band Ween. Hence, my suggestion.

I think it's his lung

(Also, congrats!)

It's gotta end sometime.

Stuck in a rut.

Dance, magic, dance

mortalgroove wrote:

Now, I am I allowed to change my tag, or do I keep it forever, like luggage?

It's best that you choose something you like. Folks do love tradition, so it can be fun to partake. However, if over time you don't feel good about it anymore, talk to me and we'll work something out.

Folks have asked to change them for a variety of personal reasons. If tags or forum names have aged poorly or are no longer appropriate in polite society, I have no qualms making the adjustments.

You can change your handle for similar reasons, too. One recent example is SpacePPoliceman, who, when wave after wave of horrible police behavior came to light following the murder of George Floyd, decided a handle associated with police was undesirable.

So if you become immortal or something, you have options.

Or you get antibiotics for that dance fever!

Congratulations, mortalgroove! Looking forward to see what you pick.

I am truly humbled to part of this incredible community.

Thank you all so, so, so much for the suggestions!

After considerable consideration, I am going to go with:

For a limited time only

LouZiffer nailed it. Thank you.

Thank you all.