FireHD 8 (2018) with Google Play ?

Hello all,

I was wondering if any of you have added Google Play store on a FireHD8 Tablet ? - My daughter is asking to install some games, but they are not all in the amazon's appstore. I just don't want to run an apk in there.

Is it considered a hack ? or just tinkering ? The tablet is great, and surprisingly strong.

Thanks for your inputs.

Installing the play store is considered an everyday thing. It involves downloading the proper apks to do so and running them. They're meant to work with Android, which is what's running on fire tablets. For info, sources, and caveats, see here:

Yup, side loading the Play Store is super typical.

But will I need to enable loading of apks afterwards ? The tablet is somewhat unattended, and keep in mind, it's a kid using it; so I don't want her to load anything but "mistake".

You can turn off that capability afterward. It needs to be enabled to put the play store on. Anything you get from the play store itself (including updates to the store itself) will not use that mechanism.

There is app called Amazon Toolbox that is used for a few things but mainly to install google play. You just install it on your pc, restart your pc, and plug in your tablet and start the app on your pc. Pretty idiot proof.