2020 MLB Season* Catch-All

Ugh Cash looks like an idiot for pulling Snell so quick. Rays should have at least took it to 7 and made Kershaw beat them.

ALCS is nice. Good season.

Grats Dodgers. At least Will Smith, from Louisville! gets a ring.

So, following past trends, major earthquake in the Bay Area next year. Got it.

Wait, Justin Turner tested positive for COVID and got pulled IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME?!

When the Dodgers return to their hotel later Tuesday night, everybody will be given a rapid PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, sources told Passan.

Congratulations, Major League Baseball, you somehow once again f*cked up the World Series.

Absolute clusterf*ck.

I understand why he wanted back on the field and was insistent but...f*cking no.

So so so fitting that I'm actually laughing and shaking my head.

Imagine if they had lost the game and it went 7? Who else was infected during the game in the Dodgers dug out?

Not sure if we will find out after the fact not as it's not like anyone will need to disclose anything.

fangblackbone wrote:

Kershaw finally gets one too :)

I'm really happy to see that.