2020 MLB Season* Catch-All

Let's see, so far today Juan Soto's tested positive for COVID-19, Yanks-Nats are in a rain delay, and Kershaw's out with back trouble for the night cap. This is going great.

Is it ironic that the opening game of the season had to be cut short? It’s 2020 and I’m not sure.

Can't be irony if it's completely on point, eh?

Blue Jays to play in Buffalo. Imagine if Buffalo pulls an Oklahoma City and winds up with another team moving in.

There is absolutely nothing good about ESPN's baseball coverage. Just terrible.

That's true of their football too.

I'm shocked folks still watch the channel.

It's almost as if there's no one from ESPN telling the umpires when they're out of commercial break. They miss entire at bats at the beginning of innings.

Yeah ESPN is pretty terrible now. Haven't watch it much since like 2005. Only watch when forced like yesterday with the Giants game vs Dodgers being only shown there.

Totally unreprepared to live in a world where "Lift Every Voice and Sing" is played before a BOSTON RED SOX game.

Bill Murray sings Take Me Out To The Ballgame with a large bear. Yes, that's bear and not beer as I misread it before watching the video.

Man, baseball without a crowd is kind of a bummer...

tboon wrote:

Man, baseball without a crowd is kind of a bummer...

I hear you. The cutouts are pretty sad but only marginally less sad than empty seats.

Still... Baseball!

I kinda like the sounds of the game, though, which is something that's normally impossible to hear on a broadcast.

I'm from Baltimore, I'm used to there being no crowd.

I love the no crowd thing. Hopefully, it means I don't have to hear "everybody clap your hands!" again.


1st two games postponed due to + Covid tests on the Marlins. Good first trial to see if Baseball can handle this and keep going. MLB should have postponed yesterdays Marlins v Phills game since they had the 4 known positive tests. Now the Marlins have 8-14 positives depending on reports and the Phills were exposed yesterday during the game.

Clearly, they should cancel the season and award the championship to the team that's scored the most runs so far.

Dodgers' Joe Kelly suspended eight games after last night's retaliation against the Astros. Eight in a sixty game season's a pretty big chunk for getting mad about a team cheating to win a World Series over the team he wasn't on back then.

iaintgotnopants wrote:

There is absolutely nothing good about ESPN's baseball coverage. Just terrible.

I was watching Sports Center after the opening day and they had the recap/highlight segment of the Red Sox opening day 13-2 win. The entire 1-minute segment was about how Eovaldi mixed up his jersey for a couple of innings and wore 7 instead of 17, or vice versa. I could care less. They showed zero highlights of any runs being scored, or players hitting. At the end they mentioned the score, and then they were on to the next game. My son and I looked at each other and went, "WTF was that?"

So, yeah.

Nate Pearson looking okay.