July 20 - 26


IMAGE(https://www.gamerswithjobs.com/files/pictures/pictures/picture-13445.jpg)   Felix “Sedimental Journey” Threepaper
Welcome folks, and happy “51st Anniversary of the Moon landing” week! You may all celebrate by playing Kerbal Space Program or [spoiler alert] Portal 2.

This week, we won’t see any AAA releases, but there is a lot of variety. Nothing grabs my particular interest—I finally got a chance to start up Ghost of Tsushima last night, and after the tutorial, I discovered Press Button To Play Flute. I... will be playing this game for some time.

The Dying Light: Hellraid DLC comes 5 years after the release of Dying Light and is based on the devs’ upcoming dark fantasy RPG, which has been put on hold. As such, it’s a game mode that puts a demon-slashing dungeon into the zombie apocalypse.

The Switch finally proves that it can run Crysis with Crysis Remastered. Speaking of dark fantasy, I shudder to think at whatever eldritch pact Crytek made to be able to squeeze so much dynamic lighting out of the Switch.

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break is out on all platforms this week. Along with a new campaign and a bunch of new game modes, it has a level editor. This surprisingly sturdy series based on pushing rocks down hills just keeps on rollin’ with its unique blend of tower defence and arcade minigames. You seriously do not understand how much restraint I have shown to have only one rock pun in here—I’m giving Rock of Ages 3 a GOTW just for this.

The only other all-platform release is Creaks, from the devs of Machinarium. It’s a puzzle game with no dialogue. The hand-painted art style reminds me of one of those really well-illustrated children’s books. This game began on mobile platforms, so it’s simple to control and doesn’t rely on any reflex platforming. The puzzles ramp up to genuine mindbenders that do what the best puzzles do: make you feel smart for solving them.

Tannenberg, First World War multiplayer shooter, makes its way to the PS4 and Xbone this week. Like Ghost of Tsushima, it’s going for historical authenticity. Tannenberg was a 5-day battle in the first month of the war on the Eastern front, in which the Russian 2nd Army was effectively destroyed. With that kind of historical touchstone, it’s weird to read previews that talk about the “thrilling setting” and “improving on the awesomeness of Verdun (the devs’ first game).” That’s not the game’s fault, though. By all accounts, it’s a mechanically solid tactical shooter that avoids the rah-rah of Battlefield or Call of Duty.

Here's the list, now in release-date AND alphabetical order!


  • 07-20

  • Angkor: Celebrations
  • Artifacts
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • Blocks!: Hammer of the Scots
  • Dig Bombers
  • Elliot
  • Gel-Tank
  • Hanapon Princess
  • Kalidazkoph
  • Kamodo Steve: Janitor on Fire!
  • Killing Sun
  • Mighty Fling
  • Nano.wars
  • Pangea Survival
  • Quiz Pro - Guess Pictures
  • Sakura Succubus 2
  • Startup Valley Adventure - Episode 1
  • Survive.com
  • Teenage Blob: Paperperson - The First Single
  • Work Trip
  • 07-21

  • Elemental Echos
  • Fashion Business
  • Flying propeller
  • GolfTopia
  • Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol. 7
  • KHIO
  • Krystopia: Nova's Journey
  • Liquid Sunshine
  • Nerve
  • Ourea
  • Panzer Paladin
  • Quash !
  • Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break
  • Shivering Hearts
  • Sudden Way
  • Tora Tora!
  • Vertigo Remastered
  • VR Aim Trainer
  • Washroom
  • Witchtastic
  • 07-22

  • 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel
  • Alien Cat 5
  • Avaria: Chains of Lust
  • Booth
  • Cherry VX
  • Connect-X
  • Creaks
  • Cute Honey
  • Demetria Spirit
  • Dr. Atominus
  • Dungeon Scale
  • Endless Battle: Return of Hero +1
  • Galvatia
  • Insulated at the bottom
  • It Steals
  • Kebab Simulator
  • Locked
  • Necrobarista
  • pop and well
  • Retrocycles
  • The Feud: Wild West Tactics
  • Ties
  • Vagrus - The Riven Realms
  • 07-23

  • 100-Level Dungeon
  • AccrO
  • Ao Hako
  • Artificer
  • Blankspace
  • C.H.A.S.E.D.
  • Carrion
  • Dying Light: Hellraid
  • Glitchy Apocalypse Simulator
  • Gnomes & Co: No Job Too Small
  • Greedy Dungeon
  • Hanefield Asylum
  • Honor and Duty: D-Day
  • Keizudo: Duels of Love
  • Kwarn Armada Tactics
  • Langton's Ant
  • Last Space Mission
  • LOGistICAL: Earth
  • My Dangerous Life
  • Raging Fists: Retribution
  • Roki
  • Space Mouse 2
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • The Curse of Kubel
  • TinyPoker
  • Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality

PlayStation 4

  • 07-21

  • Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break
  • 07-22

  • Creaks
  • Dragon Marked For Death
  • 07-23

  • Dying Light: Hellraid
  • Super Toy Cars 2
  • 07-24

  • Tannenberg

Xbox One

  • 07-21

  • Liquid Sunshine
  • Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break
  • 07-22

  • Aircraft Evolution
  • Creaks
  • Rainswept
  • 07-23

  • Carrion
  • Dying Light: Hellraid
  • 07-24

  • Tannenberg


  • 07-21

  • Panzer Paladin
  • Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break
  • 07-22

  • Creaks
  • 07-23

  • Carrion
  • Crysis Remastered
  • 07-24

  • Dex
  • Hamster Bob
  • Mittelborg: City of Mages
  • 07-25

  • Cubicity
  • Jisei: The First Case HD


Dying Light: Hellraid was delayed yesterday. Those are the worst delays. Couldn't tell us a week ago?!?

LOGistICAL: Earth? Ah, technically this is Logistical 3, which features the entire planet, which I assumed the original game's dlc already covered.

Huh, Tannenberg is a Verdun sequel? Intriguing!

Rock of ages 3?

Why yes, I do think I’ll be making a day-one purchase. Thank you!