Hidden Feathers of Peacock TV

PaladinTom wrote:

Don’t sleep on Resident Alien. It’s brilliant. Two seasons are available.

1.5 seasons. The 8 episodes that have aired of Season 2 are just the first half, the remaining 8 episodes are coming later this summer after a mid-season break.

I get a little annoyed sometimes with how inconsistent the rules are about Harry the Alien’s abilities and physiology, but it’s still a great show. It probably has some of the best indigenous representation of any mainstream american tv show as well.

Jurassic World Dominion: Extended Cut

Made it halfway through before I had to call it quits for the night. This feels like it's trying to be multiple movies and genres all at once. Also, when did Dr. Wu end up working for Evil Tim Cook when in the last couple of movies he was making dinosaurs, but Predator?

Quantum Leap: Season 6 (?), Episode 1

A continuation of the original show that captures its spirit, blending new elements, and making direct links to the past (and in one case a somber callback). Can't wait for more.

I hope it's good. Hesitant to get into it unless I hear more good

Wait, it's a direct continuation?

beanman101283 wrote:

Wait, it's a direct continuation?

Yes. The opening narration refers to Sam Beckett's attempt to travel through time in 1995 and the Project Quantum Leap in 2022 is a follow-up. Plus (don't look if you're dead-set against spoilers)...


It's revealed at the end of the episode that the person who helped Ben use the Quantum Leap accelerator prematurely is Al's daughter, Janice, who is one of Al and Beth Calavicci's daughters after Sam convinced Beth to wait for him to come back from being held captive in North Vietnam. Al himself having passed away in 2021, the same year as Dean Stockwell. The first episode is dedicated in his memory.

I thought the first episode of the New Quantum Leap was fine but what made the original was the chemistry between Al and Sam and there just wasn’t anything like that in this episode. Hopefully it will get better as the season continues and the actors settle into the characters.

I re-watched the first episode of the first season of QL and... it's definitely not what I was expecting.

Original had a rough first season but really got going later.

I've seen some episodes 10 or 15 times at this point due to syndication. But haven't done a complete series rewatch ever.

I loved the original, but it was very much "of its time", with a constant apple-pie focus on Christian values and The American Way triumphing over all.

Wasn't going to bother with the reboot, but if people here say it's promising, I'll try to dip in at some point.

Bakula tweets he was offered a role in the pilot but turned it down.