RIP Grant Imahara

Sudden death at 49 due to brain aneurysm. Lost too soon. Was always fun to watch his builds.

I just saw.

Man.... just.... f*ck.

Way, way too soon.

Thus is a huge bummer for me. I loved mythbusters. Later seasons eventually became a bit too much gun-porn for me, but until then it was filled with interesting engineering experiments and Grant was a huge part of that.

Also, I can't believe he was 49.

He might be an uncounted COVID casualty. Apparently blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks are a thing, even after you think you've recovered.

I thought the same, I found one case where someone with Covid had an aneurysm, but they couldn't conclusively say whether it caused it, exacerbated an existing one, or was inconsequential and didn't actually contribute to it at all. It does spend some time going into the mechanics of how Covid could cause or exacerbate an aneurysm, but ultimately there hasn't been enough cases to say anything one way or the other.

I remember first seeing him as a contestant on BattleBots. He will he missed.

Adam Savage shares some of his favorite stories about Grant on the most recent episode of his podcast. Apparently they were friends long before Mythbusters and Adam specifically recruited him for the show.

RIP Grant. I liked him the best of the three in Mythbusters.

Definitely sad and crazy news

kazar wrote:

His life was way too short, but he had so much fun living it.