The Next Big Sting Episode 1: The Clawshank Redemption

The Next Big Sting Episode 1: The Clawshank Redemption

It is with great pleasure that we bring you our newest project, a three-part episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers.

StoryRoost presents The Next Big Sting, an exciting foray into the world of Honey Heist by Grant Howitt.

Our adventure begins at the Noctus City Zoo on Mars in the year 2360, where our five bears have been imprisoned by humans for entertainment purposes. That is, until the gang catches wind of a new exhibit that emboldens them to break free: micro-gravity bees and their infinite honeycomb. Armed with this new fixation, our bears hatch a daring plan to escape and get that honey!

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The Next Big Sting is the first in hopefully more stories to come in the form of GWJ RPG One-Shots!

With busy lives and rapidly changing schedules, a shorter format was attainable and sustainable for many of us right now. It will allow our teams of players and GM's the chance to experiment and try different things. I'm interested in continuing these one-shots as a means of nurturing the RPG arm of GWJ and keeping it alive. Should it inspire groups to run games of longer form, I'm open and excited for that prospect!

That being said, one must learn to walk before one can run. The Next Big Sting is my first foray into the production side of podcasting! Please be gentle. A smaller, finite start felt just about right. It allowed us to show a little proof of concept in what we'd like to continue to do going forward in a way that was manageable.

Thanks again everyone, as always, for your encouragement, participation, and support. Look out for the next two episodes in the coming weeks.

OMG this is super cute and amazing. :3

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That Sugar bear is amazing! That lil heart and butterfly! (smoosh)

Holly is next
(spoiler tagged for visual spoiler for episode 1)



The bear paintings are so gorgeous!