Ghost of Tsushima Catch All


I bought the Director’s Cut and jumped back in, and am enjoying this game all over again. I’m at the start of Act 2.

I haven’t tried the new island yet, and it took some time to dust off the cobwebs — with a lot of embarrassing standoff fails and accidental smoke bombs in the meantime — but I’m appreciating its beauty and combat, even if it makes my PS4 sound like a jet plane.

One feature I’d like is saved loadouts, as I tend to switch up all my armour and charms depending on whether I’m going in stealthy, ranged or melee.

Yep. It’s just not on by default. You have to enable loadouts from the options menu.

Awesome, thank you beanman101283 and Vypre!

I missed this first time around. It's awesome!

Used the loadout function last night. It feels a bit cheeky to switch armours in the middle of a fight, but it's very handy. I've got the Gosaku 'stagger' armour (with the awesome white hair helmet) and have stacked 3 bludgeoning stagger charms on it to become the lord of stagger.

Finished Iki’s central story line last night - it was a lot shorter than I expected. I believe there were only 5 or 6 missions, or at least it felt that way. Usually I feel motivated to dislike a primary antagonist, but I never really got to feeling one way or the other about her. I get that she was a Mongol and thus, “our enemy”, but outside the final duel, she barely ever felt any more significant than any of the other Mongols to fall to our blade.

Anyway, its more Ghost and I’ve enjoyed getting back in. And I still have at least a few more side missions and quite a bit more exploration to do. So, I’m enjoying it - the story just felt a bit thin and rushed.

I have a PS4 and the base game. Am I right in thinking I can’t download the director’s cut?

I was able to download something called ‘bonus content’ for free.

You'll need to pay $20 to upgrade to the Director's Cut. It's kind of a mess with the options, bonus content, and naming, but essentially it's a DLC expansion.

Weird it said ‘unavailable’ for me

Ah hang on there’s multiple versions of it. Found it now. What a mess.