Ghost of Tsushima Catch All


The loot and RPG stuff is in the free multiplayer mode. Otherwise, it's not really an RPG.

Maclintok wrote:

Hey all. There’s a modest discount on this for the Black Friday sale. I’m curious how much RPG ness there is? If there’s more that’s actually better for me. Will I be looting cool armour and weapons? Playing with stats?

None, no, and no, respectively. There's basically no RPG DNA here.

There are multiple skill trees and skill points you earn, there are charm slots, and you can customize your clothing, sword, and horse appearance. There are different armour sets that drastically change your look and offer special bonuses. There is crafting and upgrading your equipment. There is no looting of equipment. All equipment is tied to completing world events or quests.

There is no stat allocation. Only loot you gain is crafting materials. Jin’s physical appearance is static. You can choose the name of your horse, though.

I agree with Vector. I wouldn't say there is *no* RPG DNA, but it's RPG DNA in the way you get with a lot of modern action games: skill trees, slightly customizable loadout. It feels close to an Assassin's Creed. I wouldn't remotely call it an RPG, but the "RPG-inspired" touches have become ubiquitous in action games.

It’s slightly more an RPG than the mid-trilogy of AC games but the current three are full on RPGs in nearly every sense. It’s a very standard open-world action game in that regard, though.

Thanks everyone for their 2c.

I’ve had trouble making even mild dents into any open world game that’s come out in the last 3-4 years so this one probably won’t be much different.