The Last of Us Part 2 [FULL SPOILERS] Discussion. Stay away if you haven't finished the game!

Figured I'd start this thread so not everything has to be in spoiler tags. I'm mostly going to focus on the story elements and not as much on the game play unless it's relevant.


Story wise, I thought it was amazing. The change of timelines and perspectives was jarring but made sense for the emotions the director was trying to get out of the players.

So I finished this game and went on Youtube to get other reactions. As some might be aware, there's a HUUUUUGE disparity between critic review scores and users on metacritic. Quite a bit of controversy saying this game doesn't deserve the scores it got.

But I was shocked by the amount of hate for Abby. It was like 95% of the comments were in the Abby deserves to die vein (and lots of other nasty/unrepeatable stuff said about her). I actually thought Abby was one of the most identifiable characters. Her friends (esp Owen) were really well fleshed out. Ellie on the other hand, became almost entirely driven by revenge. It wasn't until the last moments of the game where she finally breaks out of HER cycle of revenge.

I'm curious where everyone else stands on the who-can-you-relate-with divide between Abby and Ellie? Or maybe both?