GWJ Strategy Gaming Group: Now Playing Qvadriga


Totes in for Qvadriga.

I'll skip if Qvadriga gets the go-ahead but will happily continue with Frostpunk during this round. I was slow starting a new game of FP with the DLC and didn't keep up with the group. (I've been playing more multiplayer recently and game pass kept giving me shiny new games!).

Yeah I’ll pass on Qvadriga but will try and get around to Frostpunk before the end of the year.

Here is a link to the old discussion thread, if you want to mine it for clue nuggets. I’m also open to questions once the dedicated thread starts up.

Sorry about the delay guys I've been crazy busy with the new job. But link is now up. This will take us through 2021 but I will circle back around in late December to start planning our next games. Given the Steam sale, might not be a bad idea to pick a few candidates and get them on discount.

Speaking of sales, money's a little tight for me so I probably won't pick up Qvadriga till the holiday sale. But I'll be interested in hearing your experiences.

Here's a quick holiday update. Steam has a screaming good deal on Qvadriga right now so it's a great time to jump in if you haven't. I've also updated the member ranks and wanted to welcome Dreaded Gazebo, Merzy, and Zaque to our band of siblings! Hoo-ah!

It's also been in Slitherine bundles on Fanatical three times, so there may be some free keys laying around.

I'm not sure if I'm going to charge up my old ipad 3 that can still run it and continue there, or start over on PC.