GWJ Strategy Gaming Group: Now Playing Warhammer 40K Mechanicus

I can go with Into The Breach, for sure.

Mechanicus for me please

Civilization 6 for me!

Ummm... Into the Breach

Into the Breach

I'll stick with one that was in my initial list, so:

40K Mechanicus

(Into the Breach was a close second for me)

Let's go Into the Breach.

Ok giving everyone an extra couple hours to get their votes in since we have a few holdouts. At this point it looks like Into The Breach which is what I would have voted for too.

Into the Breach is good with me as well.

It’s official then - Into the Breach is the new pick for June-August! Will set up a new link directly.

I've played Into the Breach before but I'm looking forward to getting back to it with the group.

A heads up to anyone about to purchase it, you may already have it if you claimed it when it went free on Epic in Sept last year.

Same. I played through the game on Mac, just with the first faction back when it first released. Looking forward to starting from scratch on Switch and moving onto the other factions beyond that starter one.

Currently away from my PC but will fire this up again when I get back. Played it a fair bit last year, looking forward to trying some of the other factions

Awesome. It really challenged me the first time, I gave up after a bit. Now I have an excuse to stick with it.

Nice! Though I didn't vote for it, I've been wanting to play this for a while. Definitely going for the Switch version.

I think Into the Breach was the last roguelikte I ever bought. I played it once, died, and never got around to starting a new run. I stopped buying them because I realized that had happened a lot. I voted for it so this group would give me a little push to start again.

That’s what Roguelikes are about, yeah.

I messed around with Into the Breach a bit last year, but I don't remember if I made it off the first island or not. I'll be looking forward to giving it another go, especially since I have it on the Switch.

Link is up!

Saw this posted on the City Builders thread but thought it was also of interest here:

Frostpunk is currently free in the Epic Store giveaway. You've got a little less that 2 days to claim if interested.

Frostpunk is amazing and I would highly recommend getting it.

I also forgot to mention that I've picked up a key to the Blood Bowl 3 closed beta.

it's more - well, more blood bowl to be honest. The translation is a lot smoother than the first game I'll give it that, but I suspect if you have BB2 you won't be seeing much of an urge to buy this.

Looks pretty though.

Hey guys I would be remiss if I didn’t ask what games we should all pick up on the Steam sale. Feel free to share ideas for future playthroughs.

jdzappa wrote:

Hey guys I would be remiss if I didn’t ask what games we should all pick up on the Steam sale. Feel free to share ideas for future playthroughs.

I'm obsessed with Lock 'n Load Tactical. The base game is $1.49 that includes 4 scenarios to try out the system. Then, there are DLC packs for whatever you're interested in and a Battle Generator DLC that let's you either build your own scenarios or generate random battles.

If you don’t have it, Armoured Commander II is a tactical combat Roguelike set in WW2. Tremendous fun and huge replayability. Based in part on Patton’s Best and Sherman/Panzer Commander boardgames.

Pavlov’s House and the second game in the series, Castle Itter, are solitaire translations of the recent boardgames. Innovative area-control and resource/people management covering interesting battles in WW2 (defending a famous Soviet strongpoint in Stalingrad in the first, and a bizarre fight in the last few days of the war involving French political POWs, an American tank and crew, and German deserters led by a renegade SS officer against die-hard SS troops looking to wipe them out).

Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail is 20% off and covers multiple campaigns and single actions in the Napoleonic Wars, American Revolution and so forth. It not only covers naval actions, but fully integrates landing troops and attacking land positions, using a system based on Ultimate General. Very fun.

As always, the base game of Command Ops 2, also from Lock’n’Load, is free. The system is designed to replicate decision-making at the Regimental or Divisional level, mostly, and modules cover a number of Western Front campaigns in WW2. Modules run from $21 to $25 dollars (30% off in the sale, so normally around $30 each). Hardcore but a good, playable system that rewards planning and a knowledge of the details of the tools. You can’t just drag and drop units across the map, you need to understand how to tell them to (for example) stick to roads, or take advantage of terrain, as well as what is likely to happen to various units in different types. Then there is the process of planning attacks (you actually have to pre-plan many attacks, allowing time for the HQ in charge to do it’s planning and admin work over a few hours); time delays in sending out orders; detailed modeling of weapons and ammunition; the ability to attach and detach units to HQs; and other interesting details that will have you really working to get a win in scenarios. READ THE MANUAL lol, you won’t get anywhere without it, but with it, things make sense pretty quickly. Accelerated pausable realtime.

Valor and Victory is a tactical WW2 game like LnL Digital Tactical, but more on the ASL side of the house. It does not use individual activations but sticks to the older igo-ugo formula. It’s very easy on the eyes and easy to learn, but seems to have a good deal of depth. Still new and a bit buggy but firming up nicely.

$1.49 is low enough to take a gamble on Lock and Load Tactical so I'll probably snag that one, and free is a good enough reason to grab Command Ops.

Beyond that, Xenonauts can be had for 6.24 on steam, and it's supposed to be an updated version of the original X-COM, similar to, but more detailed than the Firaxis XCOM games.

Civ 6 and all the DLC can be had for $12 for this month's Humble Choice, and I know that was getting some attention in the last round of voting.

A number of Paradox titles can be had for $10 on steam, like EU4, HOI4, and Stellaris.

And both 40K Gladius and Shadow Tactics can be had for $5 in a Fanatical bundle. I think Gladius got some buzz in the club a couple of quarters ago.

I also think Unity of Command 2 could be really good at some point. It's $12 on steam.

Sundown wrote:

$1.49 is low enough to take a gamble on Lock and Load Tactical

Yep, I picked that one up too

Sundown wrote:

And both 40K Gladius and Shadow Tactics can be had for $5 in a Fanatical bundle. I think Gladius got some buzz in the club a couple of quarters ago.

That's a great deal for 40K Gladius alone. I've played a few games of it, an excellent 4X but without the diplomacy (3X?). DasTactic has been playing it again recently on Twitch and posting on his YouTube channel. There are some very good mods for it too, which DT also covers. Recommended.

Speaking of sales, Hearts of Iron 4 can now be had for $1 at humble bundle.

So we are getting close to the end of August which means it’s time to start deciding on the Sep-Oct game. I’m opening the thread for nominations till this Friday Aug 27.

Here are my nominations:

Civilization 6
EU 4
Warhammer 40K: Gladius
Ultimate General: Civil War

Company of Heroes 2
Unity of Command 2
Warhammer 40K: Gladius