No Sports? No Problem! Marble League 2020 is here!

The big funnel and relay were really fun to watch. It's crazy seeing the Maniacs ho up and down so much.

Team Galactic knocked out in the first round! Why did I randomly pick them to root for?


I thought they looked cool.

So I know only half the teams make it out of group, and I know that it is a coin flip because these are marbles, but good damn you Team Galactic.

It is clearly not a coin flip. These marbes train for this. Look at the huge difference between the top 3 teams and the bottom 3 teams. Coaching is also important.

Yeah. In all fairness there is still the home team course TG is dealing with. But it may be time to have a shake up in coaching and captaincy.

Sad to see the end, but it was exciting and the competitors were amazing as always. A lot of new world records, too.

Marble Rally 2020 has started!


Week 2

Marble Rally is really balanced this year.

Yeah the sand has really added a challenging factor.