Hardspace:Shipbreaker Salvage-all

I ran a couple of shifts on a new Gecko with an FPS graph going and it was relatively stable near 60 for me, with a significant dip into the low 40s when the reactor blew immediately after emptying the coolant from the ECU.

I also had to step away several times to take care of the kids and it seemed to have no problems. I also have more RAM than sense though.

Before this last patch it ran pretty smooth for me except for during the largest explosions. I’ve only run two shifts since the patch but in both there were severe drops at the start of each shift and minor drops randomly throughout. I ended up detonating the science ship because a frame hitch caused me to accidentally cut into the reactor instead of the wall next to it.

I'm not noticing any worse performance, but they still haven't fixed that in about one shift in five it'll lock my computer up hard, to the point I need to hit the hardware-reset button. Usually late in a successful shift, of course. 16GB RAM and a RX580 should be enough hardware. Could be heat but I don't see this in anything else.

I'm not finding the new cut points to be too much trouble- even random junk can break them. Just don't stay too close- I had a soft crate bounce back at me and crack my suit once.

My biggest issue was the mouse was severely erratic, especially with tethers. I ran a second shift and it was more manageable but still a little spastic here and there. I'm running 32GB RAM with a Vega 56, though I'm still running on a Ryzen 5 1600 that I plan to upgrade at some point.

I'm going to try another session if the kids will behave to see if maybe I just got lucky with performance last night.

4th Gen i7
64 GB of RAM
RTX 2070 Super pushing 1440p

Using the XBox Game Bar service for the FPS info.

First shift. Station Jumper? Class. Buttery smooth, but I'm taking things slow.

Edit: actually noticed the new volumetric lighting inside the ship! Flickering lights and all.
Edit2: Second shift. Rock solid. Pretty much pegged at 60FPS. Going to pull the thrusters, reactor, and power in third shift (the thrusters are the last work-order for this one and I wasn't going to check if the connective block could still be burned out for easy/safe removal before the other orders were done. Gotta hit rank 9!)

Edit 3: Weehee! Once again, removing the coolant from the ECU caused an instant reactor failure. There most be a step I'm missing somewhere? Frames dipped into the Mid-30s during the conflagration that incinerated me. Lots of pipes spinning around while burning. Mid-40s while my clone drifted through the wreckage.

I've been having some issues with my rig, so I formatted and started over a couple days back. I've gotten so spoiled by games that either cloud save or put the save game folder in the My Documents folder that I didn't even consider a game would put it's save files in the %appdata% directory. So I guess I'm starting over, and wow... you don't notice all the upgrades when you're getting them progressively, but the first time you go without them it's rough.

New patch claims to fix the grappling physics bug!
Won't have a chance to try until later.
Devs are taking a two week break.

... wonder if the reactors nuking thing has been fixed.

Ran a few shifts and everything worked. Still fun!

"Awright, Cutter, you did good with the untimed practice with unlimited oxygen. Here's your congratulatory kick in the nuts."

Honestly, it's not I didn't expect there to be time pressure and resource management, but I could've done without all the things being thrown at me at once.

H.P. Lovesauce wrote:

"Awright, Cutter, you did good with the untimed practice with unlimited oxygen. Here's your congratulatory kick in the nuts."

Honestly, it's not I didn't expect there to be time pressure and resource management, but I could've done without all the things being thrown at me at once.

I was also pretty overwhelmed when I first started out, but then I realized there isn't really a penalty if you hit the end of the shift before you were done salvaging. About the only issue is that each shift costs around 450K in credits in "fees". You can go out in the next shift and keep working on your ship without any issue.

My approach was to take out the easy stuff first like the nacelles because they usually have just one cut point and can immediately get pushed down to the barge either with the pulse move or a tether. My next priority is to get the giant nanocarbon panels on the outside of the ship. Get to the cut points and make use of a tether to pull the panel to the processor while you move on to the next panel.

Again though, I wouldn't sweat the timer as the most you're losing is like 450K a shift in fees. Do what you can, come back the next shift and clean up what you missed the previous shift.

So is there no way to save your progress on a ship? It looks like if I'm partway through a salvage, and I quit the game, I have to start with a fresh ship when I load back in. It seems like the only time you can repair your gear is between shifts, but the only time you can buy repair kits is during shifts. Is that right, or am I missing something?

Ah yeah, I forgot to mention that if you do quit in the middle of a salvage then that does mean you need to start on a new ship. That may change in later builds (this is still an Early Access game, after all), but your ship is only "saved" in between shifts, not in between game sessions. As for the repair kits, you can sometimes find them on the ship itself, otherwise you only get them at the terminal during the shift.

From my experience though, your cutter is probably the thing that'll take the most wear and tear during a shift. You absolutely do not need to have everything at 100% before every shift. I'm really only using one repair kit every couple of shifts and that is only for repairing the cutting tool. I have not noticed any difference in any tool as it degrades other than its appearance. You can let tools get to 20% and still be fine.

I think the best way to approach this game right now is to not think about min/maxing your way through it. There are basically no penalties outside of the fees at the end of a shift. There's no bonus for fully scrapping a ship, and honestly once you get rid of the big ticket items (nacelles, reactor, thruster, big nanocarbon panels) you start to get diminishing returns on your shifts. By that I mean the precision and time it takes to cut individual panels of aluminum yields a lot less credits than it does at the beginning of a salvage.

Honestly, once I've taken most of the big stuff out, I end up just chucking the frame and whatever is attached to it right into the furnance. You don't get penalized for putting the wrong materials into the wrong area, you just don't get the money for them.

With one of the last few updates came a big change in work orders. Work orders are no longer set for each difficulty level or ship type. Look at your work orders and focus your time on those tasks.
You should still pull big ticket items off the hull for the credits, but if prepping a reactor for salvage is not what you want to do and it isn't on your work orders? Whoopsie doodle. Maybe let thermonuclear physics deal with clearing the bay on your final shift of the day. Just make sure you stay well back from the fireworks.

I was happy to get into this in the last few days and I've got the same flow going that CptDomano does (and the exact same observations about saving ships and repair kits that you saw, Chaz). Peel the ship outside to inside like an onion, grab what you need for work orders once it's visible to the barge. Hell, unless I'm making significant progress towards it just by chance, sending 15+ of ANYTHING to the barge just doesn't seem to be worth my time, even in a zen way. Maybe from a puzzle mechanic of finding a way to melt through the walls and send it all down to the barge at once.

I am a bit curious / frustrated that I always have to cut the airlock and cockpit out of the ship to get the last of the hull away, but I guess it makes sense.

There are so many other pieces in play (escalating ship size, data downloads, etc) that I'm still looking for something MORE to tackle but for now it's still nice just to peel back the outside of a ship and get the top 5-10 pieces of value out before chucking it in the furnace.

It may have changed since I played, but on a value/time proposition it's generally been worth it to strip out all the computers and sometimes all the seats if you can set up a good workflow for it. It is not generally a great proposition to do it if you have to maneuver a bunch of them through an airlock, but if you can just yank them out and fire them towards the barge without regards to whether they stick or not, then it generally pays off.

Now, there's probably a strong argument that it's not worth your own personal time to do this, but if you're broken in the same way I am...

Just started last night.. I think i'm in the "don't worry about min/max" camp for now. I don't even think about how valuable each piece I throw into the furnace/barge/processor is, so I just chuck it in the direction my HUD tells me to. The more I can pull out the better, including the lights!

kazooka wrote:

but if you can just yank them out and fire them towards the barge without regards to whether they stick or not, then it generally pays off.

Yeah, this is basically what I do. Rip whatever it is aim it in general direction of the barge, then fire them away. I've gotten to a point where one of the first things that I do on a ship is find the easiest way to get rid of most of the floor (early on it's really just like 4-6 cut points), send those panels to the processor then just start grappling any of the seats, cargo boxes, terminals, etc. and just sending them straight down to the barge. Definitely helps clear out those "send furniture/electonics) work orders quickly.

See, I'm the kind of person that really enjoyed picking up the individual bullet casings in Viscera Cleanup Detail, so I don't necessarily mind chucking all the bits into the bin. I do kind of draw the line at cleaning up all the shards if I trigger an explosion or something. Not that I'd do that. No way, not me.

A few weeks ago I happened to catch episode 4 of season 1 of "Inside Mighty Machines" on the Smithsonian Network. It doesn't look like there's a free streaming version of it anywhere, but depending on what you subscribe to, you might have access via some means. Anyways, the episode was about the salvaging of the Brent Delta deep-sea oil rig, and watching the process, I was struck by how closely Hardspace: Shipbreaker followed reality.

Some parallels:

Most of the rig ended up as scrap.

The rigs used Rolls-Royce Avon jet engines repurposed to run off of natural gas to generate electricity. Many oil rigs still use this setup, so those engines are valuable as either spares or sources of parts.

The rig consisted of large cantilevered modules distributed around the central base. The modules were cut from the base, then pulled away from it with an excavator. There was a danger of toppling the rig if the center of mass shifted beyond the supports.

For several sections, a single individual would remain on the rig to main the final cut for the toppling while everyone else evacuated to a safe distance. I guess that counts as no-clones mode.

There's a time-lapse video of the dismantling. You can't actually see any of the modules fall, but they're up on the rig in one frame, and down on the ground in the next.

Anyways, if you like the game, you might like this particular episode, if you can find it. Some of the other episodes also appear to involve salvaging, but I haven't seen them.


Edit: 0.2.2 is out. https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/1161580/view/2922231884588916471

Greetings Cutters!

We are back this week with a new update introducing our Salvage Runner as well as adding new voice options, cloud saving, and fixing numerous bugs linked to our weekly R.A.C.E!
Thanks to every employee who jumped on our Beta Branch and sent us their feedback and suggestions in the last few weeks.

The Salvage Runner is now ready to be fully added in-game!

Discover our Salvage Runner!
The Salvage Runner is a model of Gecko-class ship designed for remote salvage and recovery. LYNX Salvage operates the vast majority of Salvage Runners in service, and has been aggressively trying to corner the market and push out their closest competitor, Hanzo Freight.

Salvage Runners are industrial vessels outfitted with large Salvage Holds and decent-sized Crew Quarters for longer missions. Typically used for salvage operations that are either too hazardous or too broken up to haul to a yard, you never quite know what you’re going to find in the holds of these decommissioned ships.

One of the key components specific to the Salvage Runner are the mechanical Utility Arms scattered around its outer hull. These manipulators are critical for remote salvage operations, but they can be retro-fitted for a variety of purposes and saw are highly valuable.

The 0.2.2 update brings you:
A new ship type added: Salvage Runner
These rugged vessels are used in the dangerous act of remote salvaging
Watch out for a variety of salvaged objects appearing in the cargo holds

Voice Options Revamped & Expanded

Cloud Saving

UI text and labels in Scan Mode are now more legible

Check out our detailed patch notes for more details:


SALVAGE RUNNER - Salvage Runner Gecko-variant added
TUTORIAL - Tutorial updated with additional feedback and VO for important information
UI - Text and Labels in Scan Mode are now more readable
AUDIO - Existing Player Voices revamped, and two additional voices added
AUDIO - Grapple audio completely revamped
AUDIO - added to roll thrusters
R.A.C.E. - Update Work Order Preview to show Quantity
R.A.C.E. - Update Post Mission Screen Rank Display
R.A.C.E. - Provide visual and audio feedback when passing the 50% Mass Salvaged Threshold
R.A.C.E. - New visual “Your Rank” treatment.
R.A.C.E. - Display a unique Death Message when the player dies during a Weekly R.A.C.E. session.
CUT GUARDS - Cut Guards can now be shattered with the Grapple’s Charged Push
CUT GUARDS - Cut Guards spawn less frequently
CUT GUARDS - Cut Guards are no longer flammable
VFX - New “ECU” Room Type added with custom visuals / ambience
HAZARDS - Explosion Shrapnel now has accompanying FX
HAZARDS - The size and severity of large Fuel Canister explosions has been reduced
SAVING - Cloud Saving has been added

Bug Fixes:
Airlocks don't become scrap when cut in pieces, each piece yielding credits as a full airlock
Game can crash when putting a Mackerel’s airlock or inner frame into the furnace
Mass Remaining Stat on the post Session screen is misaligned
Broken character in the work order in Traditional Chinese
Broken character on the notification screen when gaining a rank in Traditional Chinese
Broken characters in a string when rebinding a key in traditional chinese
Broken characters in traditional chinese on the salvage summary when an object has been destroyed
Broken characters when achieving a certification quota in Traditional Chinese
Cut Guard reacts as if it's metal, shows sparks when impacted (ie. not impacted enough to shatter)
Gamepad remapped interaction prompt does not update to new input
Grabbing a collectible while it is travelling high speed will incorrectly carry the player along with it
Hab certification menu has unlocalized text
Hand grab audio is delayed
HUD keeps jittering after staying in the processor / furnace gravity field for a few seconds and escaping.
In the Free Mode menu, it's not possible to select a Mackerel Cargo and Geckos when using a controller
Interaction prompts shows default keyboard icon even when using gamepad or remapping the keyboard control
Inventory screen is displaying the wrong values.
Leaderboard headers are ordered incorrectly
Leaderboard terminology for Open Shift not consistent with established terminology
Main menu loses focus after reverting keymap to default and pressing back on the main menu
Pipes becomes invisible when too far from them
Player name should remain the same green colour when highlighted on the leaderboard.
R.A.C.E. - Leaderboard entries show inverse value for Shift Length
R.A.C.E. - Leaderboard's Total Value Salvage is 0
R.A.C.E. - summary replacing "mass salvaged" with "mass remaining"
R.A.C.E. - UI overlaps the "Leaderboard" title on post session screen
R.A.C.E. - Work Order Review progress bars are full but not completed
R.A.C.E. - The controller loses focus when pressing Y or Dpad Up
R.A.C.E. - On the performance screen, the player profile's avatar is upside down
R.A.C.E. - Returning top landing page after a shift will show an empty Work Order Preview
R.A.C.E. - Shift Performance screen is cut off at the bottom
R.A.C.E. - UI Focus is lost when backing out of the Leaderboards
R.A.C.E. - User is unable to start a second R.A.C.E. shift after returning from a R.A.C.E. shift
R.A.C.E. - User cannot exit the Shift Summary Page of the R.A.C.E. with Keyboard Controls
R.A.C.E. - Some key prompts don't update in weekly R.A.C.E. leaderboard
R.A.C.E. - Shift performance salvage summary's closed brackets clip into the scrollbar
R.A.C.E. - “Final Penalty” shows even when the value is Positive
After playing a session of Weekly R.A.C.E. and then switching back to career mode, some statistics for the career mode leaderboards will not be tracked until the user quits the application
Sometimes, when things are grappled, they reorient themselves
The Debt amount displayed on the Kiosk is not the profile's debt
The incorrect interact prompt is displaying, when using the controller
The user is blocked in the Key Mapping>Menus when trying to remap keys
The user need to press twice A via the controller to rebind a key in the Key Mapping menu, unless the mouse is hovering in the menu
Touch Transfer sticks on if Touch Transfer is active when the airlock is destroyed.
User can get stuck on the button rebinding page when trying to rebind Start and Back on the controller
Yanking the middle shipping crate in a triple stack causes the top and bottom crates to be forever bound together
User can penetrate the back of the bay in some spots
Incorrect Font for the tool name on the HAB Equipment screens
Texture effect not correctly placed on the wall at the entrance of a processor
The text on the prompt buttons for Toggling the Oxygen in Open Shift doesn't fit the allotted space in several languages
It is possible to repressurize a room that is opened by melting the beams in Geckos
In 21:9 resolutions, the "Gamepad" header in the remapping menu isn't lined up with the button prompts column
Reactor I goes in meltdown when salvaged on the barge with its panel
Door handles of rooms externally exposed cannot be interacted with.

So the Gecko airlocks have been updated to come apart via a set of cut points. The exterior panel and connecting passage come apart cleanly.

Also, when you cut through the beams holding the outer hull together, it's no longer connected to the inner hull at the cockpit area.

Just note that when you depressurize the ship, you do not depressurize the air lock. You need to turn around and open the air lock afterwards. Found that out the hard way on a smaller ship yesterday. I came in, depressurized, then dropped the floor and went out that way. Eventually I found this change to the air lock (which is awesome-sauce), used the line cutter to go through a beam because I had it selected, and it cut right through the pressurized air lock. Oops.

Thankfully it wasn't any major issue, no explosions or anything, and I was able to just tether that section away pretty easy.

Decided to try Open Shift and I might not go back to the normal mode- it’s just so, so nice to be able to pick apart a ship and clear the berth all at once without a clock ticking down.

I've actually been trying the RACE mode a bit, because otherwise the lack of saving in the middle of a salvage op means I'm up way too late taking apart a Gecko hull.

I had figured out a lot of tricks on my own. I've been using the splitsaw instead of the stinger to hit multiple cut points at the same time, and using it's "lock on" feature to line up my next cut while it was still cutting. I'd also figured out I could remove the rear section of a Mackerel hull and salvage the thruster without a utility key and without blowing up the ship.

I didn't realize I could use tethers to connect internal components and let them do the "disconnect" job of the grapple tool while I went off and did other things. That's a huge timesaver during RACEs, at the cost of tethers.

I first started trying RACEs last week, and it was made a pain by being chock-full of fuel and coolant barrels. One errant cut and boom.

Here's a video of last week's ship from a guy who is consistently one of the top scorers each week. In the description he said he did about 30 runs before he got a clean one. I think I would go insane before 30 attempts.

OMG, I finally finished a RACE. I really enjoy the zen-like state that happens when you're taking apart ships in the regular mode. That does NOT happen in RACE mode.


The time limit was a single 15-minute shift for a station-hopper Mackerel. I only had 10 seconds left when I finished. I managed to salvage everything except for one antenna that broke, the cockpit glass, the lights, the floating trash, and some pipes and aluminum that I cut away to speed things up. Because two of the work orders included most of the nanocarbon and aluminum mass, it was necessary to separate the outer and inner hulls and get them into the processor and furnace to avoid any penalties.

So I recorded myself doing this week's RACE. It's a Heavy Cargo Gecko, and you have 30 minutes. The work orders were 3 armor panels, 2 fuses, 2 heatsinks, 1 industrial hoist, some amount of rail guides, and a bunch of the cargo crates. This is my third attempt. On my two previous attempts, I managed to salvage all of the thrusters and reactor, but would still miss a few major items, like the ECU.

I changed up my usual disassembly order to try to speed things up for my final attempt, so it looks a little sloppy. I manage to get all of the major components, but the thrusters broke away from the frame before I turned their valves. The whole mass got pulled down to the barge. I tried to cut it at the pipe junction so I'd get credit for all three, but at least one of them was destroyed. I didn't quite get the last part of the inner hull into the furnace (and almost sent it to the processor in a panic over the timer anyways), or many of the minor items. Overall though, I moved up in rank from #42 to #29 for the week.

One other little oddity is that there's a bug that prevents the industrial hoists from detaching from the rail guides after you remove the cut points. So you have to cut up the rail guide instead, but there's enough left over for the work order. Currently in regular play though, if you're salvaging a Heavy Cargo Gecko on Very Hard, it's possible to get a pair of work orders for rail guides and industrial hoists that can't both be completed.


Noticed the Haunted Frontier update went live today along with a -25% discount on Steam.

Looks like it's time to dive in.

The Ghost Ships are fun. Spooky, not jump-scary (at least so far on the Mackerels I've done)

I'm playing on Hardcore, just for giggles really. I dont mind starting over at all since its Early Access. When I die I can experience the early stuff again. Stripped a whole Station-Hopper Mackerel in one session with 4 minutes left on the clock!

polypusher wrote:

The Ghost Ships are fun. Spooky, not jump-scary (at least so far on the Mackerels I've done)

I'm playing on Hardcore, just for giggles really. I dont mind starting over at all since its Early Access. When I die I can experience the early stuff again. Stripped a whole Station-Hopper Mackerel in one session with 4 minutes left on the clock!

Now that I'm on certification level 4 (or 5?) it's taking SO LONG to get up to the next level that I'm not super interested in starting over. Although I think I've only died once from losing track of myself and drifting directly into the furnace

My last death was interesting. I saw an odd 'interact with F' type option and pressed it without thinking. I was flung forward probably to try and position me where the device really goes, and smashed my face, shattering my helmet and venting my O2. I had about 15 seconds to try and see through the blur and blood to get to safety and failed.

Before that it was your typical 'oops' of trying to remove a reactor too soon.

My first couple of Ghost Ships felt REALLY creepy, because I went into them not knowing what to expect. I think they did a really good job of capturing the feeling. The only downside was that I also had a crash during my first one, and I think I missed some of the narrative because of it. When I started a new mission, it picked up with the second mission's narrative instead of restarting with the first mission's.

I also recorded this past week's RACE again. It was a Ghost Gecko (Stargazer class). Kind of surprised at how well I did (#14, although I think it dropped to #18 by the end of the week).


Goph, who often places #1, thought it was the hardest RACE so far. He did a neat trick in his video - he used a coolant canister from the ECU to freeze the bottom panels of the inner hull and shatter them. This made a mess, but the inner aluminum hull is worth little, and it later makes it easier to dump all the contents down to the barge. I'm way too OCD to do that.